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Yin and Yang: Your Health and Your Life


The concept of Yin-Yang calls your attention to the need for a sense of balance in your life—and how this balance is already built-in to life itself: You breathe in (yang) ... you breathe out (yin). You get tired and go to sleep (yin) ... you awaken with energy (yang).

Your Health
This idea of balance is represented by the Yin-Yang symbol, shown on this page.

Think of the circle as representing your life and its circumstances. Let the white side represent health, and the dark side, illness. The components of Oriental Medicine work to keep your energy (chi) strong, as represented by the wide portion of the white side of the symbol; but if your energy (chi) weakens, illness— represented by the wide portion of the dark side—begins to appear. As you rebuild your energy (chi), illness dissipates and health reappears.

This is the change that needs to be balanced throughout your life, and is represented in the Yin-Yang symbol by the dots, which tell us: In health is the potential for disease, and in disease is the potential for health.

Your Life
By practicing exercises such as Chi Kung and Tai Chi you can become adept at spotting yin and yang in operation—in your body, in your mind, and in the behavior of those around you. This power of observation enables you to predict the outcome of events and gives you the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments along the way to maintain your health and well-being.

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