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Your Relationship With Food: Know Thyself

Effective ‘weight management’ and ‘good health’ have this in common: a proper understanding of the ‘mechanics’ and the ‘mystery’ of proper diet and nutrition. The mechanics of healthy eating are learned as you begin to understand the basics of Oriental medicine’s 5 Element Theory, but the ‘mystery’ requires delving into your relationship with food and eating.

You are what you think, because what you ‘think’ you want to eat is what you will eat.

If you’ve had a problem with food in the past — eating the right food, in the right quantity — that’s ‘history’ —  and ‘her-story’ too. Reshaping this relationship with eating is ‘my-story’: a my-stery that can be, and needs to be, understood.

It’s About You
There’s and old adage that says: “You are what you eat.” This is true because your body is made of the nutrients it absorbs through eating. And by adding to that wisdom, “You are what you think,” because what you ‘think’ you want to eat is what you will eat, it becomes apparent that what you think about food is just as important as eating it. Actually, thinking about eating — your intention (or in-tension) —  is the first ingredient toward determining whether or not you’ll have a healthy diet.

If there’s something about your relationship with food that troubles you, something you can’t ‘stomach,’ you need to figure out what it is so you can ‘digest’ it, and get it to ‘pass.’

The first step towards a healthy diet is to take a closer look at your relationship to food.

Paying Attention
To have a successful relationship with another person it’s important to pay attention to what’s going on, and be able to see things from the other’s point of view. This enables you to make healthy adjustments that keep you together and avoid missteps that can pull you apart.

The same dynamics are at play in the realm of healthy diet and nutrition: where you have a relationship with yourself.

Know Thyself
Sitting at the crossroad between East and West, Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher probably knew that Oriental medicine takes into account how thoughts and emotions affect how you feel in your body. These thoughts and emotions, when not consciously understood, unconsciously play themselves out on your palette.

So apply Socrates’ famous insight to ‘know thyself,’ and a clear sense of how to improve your diet and nutrition will gradually emerge. And by adding ‘Five Element’ principles and practices to the mix you’ll have a variety of menu options to choose from.



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