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Year of the Wood Sheep


Welcome to the Year of the Sheep; which can also be considered the Year of the Ram or Goat.

Those of us who prefer things to be relatively calm can breathe a sigh of (relative) relief this year because Sheep energy augurs a tendency toward mildness and ease.

The Sheep is known for its kindness and for its affinity for people. Oddly enough, in today’s parlance, there is a condition called: ‘Sheeple.” Referring to people who can’t think for themselves and are easily misled. This is an anthropomorphic error because the reality is the Sheep knows what it needs and has a subtle ability to lead, but in a very gentle way.


A Very Old Relationship


Judith MacKenzie a master spinner and weaver Kitty studies with, shares a tale in her classes about how the prehistoric relationship between people and sheep came to be.


As the story goes ... WAY BACK ... when our ancestors were hungry and shivering in damp caves, huddled around the fire trying to keep warm, out of the dark, a Sheep appeared at the opening of the drafty cave and said: ‘Hey, what are you doing in there? You don’t have to be hungry, cold and damp. Let’s join together and be happy and prosperous.


And the people around the fire murmured to themselves in surprise, until a minute or so later the leader said: “What do you mean, join together and be happy and prosperous?”

Sheep responded and said, “Why don’t you come with me and I can show you the world and how to live more comfortably in it. I’ll help you find your way.”

The people around the fire thought about this for a short while, exchanged some quick glances and said: “Why not, it’s COLD in here … and nobody else has any better ideas …”


So that’s been the relationship between humans and sheep reaching far back into the Great Unknown of Time. And people have been following sheep ever since.

And this is why, if you’re not doing so already, it’s a great idea to get in touch with the Seasonal Energy, to take advantage of the gentle, easiness the Sheep is offering this year.

The Power of Wood Energy

This year of the Sheep is a Wood year, so it will likely be a little more intense than a Sheep year would ordinarily be.


Remember that Wood Energy is Liver energy, and an unbalanced liver can make a person very irritable.

It’s that dynamic that one needs to be aware of during any Wood year, and a good reminder to keep taking your liver herbs to keep your liver and nerves balanced.

A Sheep year is one that holds out amiable possibilities: strengthening old and creating new friendships; and your health should be more easy to manage and maintain. Overall, there’s a high probability for an even-tempered time this year—generally-speaking, considering all of the things going on around the world these days.


Happy Year of the Sheep : )

Baaaahhaaa ...

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