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Year of the Wood Horse

… look at me … I’m coming your way … get ready …

Year of the Horse

The Chinese lunar new year — The Year of the Wood Horse begins according to the Western Calendar on January 31, 2014.

To understand what this year will be like, it’s best to think of a WILD Horse, rather than a tamed horse that’s easy to ride. Imagine a Wild Horse running free across the plains; that is what this year will be like energetically.

The Wood Horse is WILD and UNFETTERED. It runs free and won’t be controlled; it uses all its wile and vigor to upend or frustrate anything that tries to corral it. This year is like that—unpredictable, lots of ups and downs, quick changes of direction. Know this and be ready for a somewhat erratic experience this year.

Sitting unawares / steam rising from the teapot / could it be ~ ronin

Year of the Horse

The Nature of Horse Energy

As the Horse races through the year, in its wake and whirl you’ll experience more independent, high-spirited, self-focused behavior in yourself and see it in others, if you’re looking. Events will occur more quickly, so you’ll need to be more agile and quick-witted than usual to keep up with events and make good decisions.

When the wild Wood Horse runs it’s easy to get caught up in a sense of abandon. Be mindful of creating, or getting drawn into, situations that can leave you asking yourself: “How did I get into this mess : /

The Wood Horse is vibrant and full of it’s nature … which is to be out in Nature … follow it’s lead and spend more time outdoors exploring, enjoying and understanding your nature …

The Wood Element

The energy of the Year of the Horse is of a very specific type … this is the year of the WOOD Horse. Wood is one of the Five Elements of Oriental Medicine. Health-wise, the Wood aspect of the Horse year brings more of a focus on the Liver and Gallbladder so those organs may be more active than usual, and need more BALANCING as a result.

Where We’ve Been … Where We’re Heading

This year’s Wood Horse energy is quite different from that of last year’s Water Snake, whose energetic was internally focused. In contrast, not much will seem subtle this year as we feel ourselves galloping a lot of the time … Giddyup! ...

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