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Year of the Water Dragon—2012

2012 is the Year of the Dragon. As the embodiment of the Yang energy the Dragon has enormous potential—for both good and ill.

Fortunately this is the year of the ‘Water’ Dragon; meaning as Dragons go, this is a (relatively) mellow fellow.

Water Dragon
In this Year of the Dragon ... take some comfort in knowing this is a ‘Water’ year ... and Water damps down Fire.

One thing for sure though: the Fire of Dragon Yang will make this a year of vitality and powerful experiences. At the same time, we need to be careful to not get burnt-out from more ‘24/7’ ... work-hard-play-hard living; which may have worked somewhat in the past year of the calm Rabbit, but everyone knows there’s a big difference between a Rabbit and a Dragon.

The Dragon says: “Tend your own Yang energy carefully, and adjust your lifestyle so that you don’t get brittle, like a piece of wood tinder. This way you won’t get scorched as I fly through the year.”

The Ways of the Dragon

The Dragon is a Yang (Fire) creature representing the Wood Element.

By observing and understanding the power and tendencies of both Wood and Fire, you’ll have a good sense of what to expect this Dragon year.

Yin & Yang Energy
Yang energy manifests as Fire, Vitality, Power, Assertion; as opposed to Yin energy, which is: Cold, Receptive, Receding.

Wood & Fire & Water
Imagine the Wood Dragon ... with its Fiery nature. The Dragon perpetually powers itself using Fire and Wood ... burning it’s way through Nature when it’s time arrives.

Keep in mind that the Dragon is a natural force, and is not pro or con human beings.

This year the Dragon will just be doing what comes naturally—to Dragons. So be aware that we’ll be living in a combustible atmosphere this year, with plenty of energy around to ‘fuel the fire.’

The Dragon is a very alluring and seductive sort: dangerous when you get too close.

Position yourself to take advantage of the warmth, light, and power (however it manifests) that Dragon energy stimulates; while at the same time, do what’s prudent to avoid getting crisped.

Getting Along With The Dragon

The Dragon’s element is Wood and according to Oriental Medicine, the Wood energy governs the health of the liver.

When your Liver is out-of-balance energetically the first thing you’ll feel is STRESS. So in a Dragon year it makes sense to do those things that support a healthy Liver.

Being able to recognize your early signs of stress is crucial so you can open your personal ‘pressure valve’—before it POPS.

Some ways to manage stress throughout this Dragon year include:

Meditate. You don’t have to become a monk, just cultivate a new habit of taking a few minutes out of your Dragonly-busy day to calm your mind and relax your body. Your Liver will be happier and your Heart more joyous.

Eat Better. Learn how to eat the ‘Five Element Way’ to bring more balance into your life. This will help you: improve digestion; have more energy; sleep better; think more clearly and generally feel better.

Rejuvenate with a Short Retreat. When you feel the Dragon getting a bit too close and breathing down your neck, it’s time for a mini-retreat to rebalance, rejuvenate and reconnect with the simple things that are most important in your life. When you’re done, the Dragon will have moved on and things will be much calmer.

In some ways this year will be like a roller coaster ride—fast, somewhat wild, with some hair-raising points along the way, but take comfort in knowing you’ll eventually return to stable ground.

Get ready for the ride—the Dragon flies high!


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