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2010: The Year of the ‘Metal’ Tiger

The Tiger is a very dynamic animal and represents the energy of this year

The Chinese New Year began on February 14th and is traditionally celebrated for fifteen days.

This year we are in the energy of the Metal Tiger. You will see it referred to as the “Golden Tiger” because the word in Chinese for Metal is also the word for Gold. You will also see it referred to as the “White Tiger” because the color for Metal is White.

Just look at this image of the Tiger and you are immediately reminded of its energy — and the energy of this year.


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The Ways of the Cat
The Tiger is a big cat and the energy of this year is BIG too. The Tiger is a very dynamic animal and represents the energy of this year well.

If you’ve ever lived with a house cat or observed one, you know how independent they are — and “independence” is a thread that will be running through the fabric of this year. So think of this year as the ‘year of the cat’ — big or small — which will have many cat-like characteristics.

  • Stealthy.  Cats of all sizes rely on their stealth to surprise and overcome their prey.
  • Playful.  Just give a house cat some catnip to see this aspect.
  • Fearless.  Most cats, regardless of size, don’t exhibit fear; this goes along with the saying: “Cats have 9 lives.”
  • Sensual.  Cats love what they love and purring lets you know what that is.
  • Charismatic.  This can easily be seen in the majesty of a tiger.
  • Fierce.  Big cats are incredibly fierce when hunting.
  • Self-assured.  Not much bothers them, and when something does, they just leave.

‘Tiger people’ can become depressed and will need lots of sympathetic listening to help them move through it. Once they have recovered, and feel once again more self-assured, they will likely continue along the same path which led them to their depressed state.

Tigers Can Be Intense
The intensity of the Tiger year cannot be overstated. This year has the potential to be more stressful than usual, and much more intense. Due to the dynamism of the Tiger this year may be one of lots of change too. And in contrast, there will be quieter times as well, much like when a cat is sleeping. Yes, cats can be placid — for a time.

Along with the aforementioned intensity, there is also an element of speed in this year’s energy. If you’ve ever seen a Tiger attack its prey you have an understanding of this potential. It’s often explosive, as the energy can be from time to time over this year.

The intensity of the Tiger year cannot be overstated.

The Elemental Energy This Year is ‘Wood’
The Tiger is a Wood animal. This is the same energy as the Liver and Gallbladder so those organs may be involved in health issues this year. Ailments like:

  • Sciatica
  • Headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • Hives and allergies

... just to name a few, are some of these Wood-type issues. True to the energy of the Tiger, they may come on quickly and be somewhat intense.

The Metal Tiger year has a ‘Metal’ influence also which means it’s flashier and more flamboyant. It also may have more to do with money.

From the health perspective, the Metal aspect in 5 Element Theory oversees the Lungs and Large Intestine, so issues involving those organs are also possible.

The confluence of Wood and Metal energies may lead to more sinus allergies, for instance, which would be a combination of Lung and Liver imbalance. Each of these energetic influences manifest differently in each person, so it’s very hard to predict exactly which imbalance may show up for you; though you can be sure that you will be subjected to the Metal Tiger energy and it will do what it does in your body.

Ride The Tiger!
As you can see there are many aspects to the lively Tiger year. Yes, it’s going to be dynamic at times and when it is, be sure to remind yourself: “Just ride the Tiger!”

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