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Winter to Spring: Everything Old Is New Again

In this episode of ‘Seasonal Health Tips,’ Kitty talks about how the Earth energy affects your health as we transition from the cold dark days of Winter into the pulsing possibilities of Spring.

(To get the most out of what Kitty has to say, open the 5 Element Theory chart in a new window while listening.) — Length 6 min.; Size 7.0 MB

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    As the dark, cold days of Winter wane, the Water energy of the season drains downward, bringing us back in contact with the Earth energy.

    Healthwise, this is a time to start rebuilding the strength of your kidneys, which are somewhat depleted from their Winter work, and preparing for the slow surge into the Wood energy of Spring; a time when the health and vitality of your liver and gallbladder will become the focus of your body’s attention.

    Just as certain Chinese medical herbs improve with age, so too do practitioners of Oriental medicine.

    Earth Energy
    ‘Earth’ energy, as described by the Five Element Theory of Oriental Medicine, is a predominant environmental force five times a year: during the transitional time between seasons, when you start to feel one season changing into the next, and in late Summer.

    In a practical sense, these are important times to focus on strengthening, or just paying attention to, your digestive system; its overall health, and the vitality of its individual organs. This means doing what needs to be done to improve your diet and nutrition, and finding out what type of Chi Kung (energy-building exercises) would benefit your specific situation.

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