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Winter Solstice Retreat Update — Early November

As we continue to follow the approach of Winter Solstice and the ‘retreating’ nature of things ...

The cooler, damper weather in the northwest, and generally around the northern hemisphere is an indicator of the strong shift in energy downward and inward — what in Oriental Medicine is called ‘yin’ energy — as we approach Winter Solstice.

So we’re in the ‘run-down’ to the shortest day of the year; yin energy is becoming more and more predominant: longer nights, shorter days, cooler temperatures, an overall sense of things ‘winding down.’

At the same time we face the cultural challenge of having to get ‘up’ for the holiday season, while the body and mind wants to rest more.

Being mindful of this contradiction makes it much more likely that you’ll slip some quiet time into your schedule between festivities. By doing so you’ll be giving yourself a gift of energy or ‘Chi’ that will will help fuel your health throughout the winter.

Enso by Kaz Tanahashi

Be Mindful
It’s easy to miss what’s going on within and around us because change, for the most part, happens very slowly. In Autumn, most of us notice leaves are falling, but not necessarily how our bodies are being affecting by temperature and other changes in the atmosphere.

There are all kinds of changes going on that affect our health and well-being that we’re not aware of, but need to be.

For example, if you have a feeling that you want to sleep more right now, that’s perfectly natural, that’s noticing a natural process. As the light diminishes more rest is important, not less rest.

There are all kinds of changes going on that affect our health and well-being that we’re not aware of, but need to be.

Preparing for a Winter Solstice Retreat
As I mentioned in Winter Solstice Retreat: Following Your Energy Inward, each year at BIOM we plan a one day Winter Solstice retreat to get in touch with the seasonal energy, and enjoy the reality of the time we’re living in. And I mentioned, getting ready to retreat is a process that takes a little bit of preparation so that everything is in place for you to have the experience you want.

Consider following along as we prepare, so you can begin preparing too if you want to do a Winter Solstice retreat of your own.

A Winter Solstice retreat: I highly recommend it.

Things To Do
If you’re considering doing a Winter Solstice retreat, now is a good time to start some primary planning.

  • Decide on the day/date you want to do your retreat and reserve that time on your calendar.

  • Start thinking about the space you want to create.

  • Begin looking at how this can work.

  • If you don’t plan ahead your time will get eaten up. Your schedule will fill and there might not be a place for you. So it’s important to ask yourself now: “How can I make this happen?”

    Quality Not Quantity
    And if a whole day seems like too much ... retreat for half-a-day. The important thing is to take some time out for yourself to focus on those things that just never seem to get the attention you want to give them. And when you do — possibilities start to become real.

    A Winter Solstice retreat: I highly recommend it.

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