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Winter Solstice ~ 2013

YIN Moon

Winter Solstice—the quintessence of Yin. A time of Deep Stillness. Turn things off ... and Listen ...

Winter Owl

Winter solitude / in a world of one color / the sound of wind. - Basho

~ Half our lives take place in retreat: INHALE ... you advance ... EXHALE ... you retreat ... Winter Solstice ... Nature in RETREAT ...

~ Finding STILLNESS around me ... I become aware of STILLNESS within me ...

~ Seasons change & your body changes with them. Oriental Medicine uses seasonal awareness to balance your body’s energy to stimulate health.

~ “Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it ... Being alive is the meaning.”– Joseph Campbell

~ Bear hibernates; Tree gathers energy in roots. Get in sync with Winter energy by ‘sinking’ into the deeper parts of yourself.

~ Winter Solstice is a time to become aware of and feel the dark, still aspects of your Self that come into focus at the beginning of Winter.

~ A personal retreat is worthwhile. When the chitter-chatter voice tells you there are better things to do—ignore it: A good skill to develop.

~ Seasonal changes are like changing tides: One tide has been high & begins to flow out ... as the next season’s energy flows in ...

~ Once you begin a retreat it may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. The momentum of today’s lifestyle takes a while to slow down and unwind.

Maple in Winter

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