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Winter Solstice

December at BIOM: The energy of forest and garden is low in the roots, and sinking deeper.

Days are short in the northern hemisphere. The air is cold. Maple and alder bare; grey light replacing leaves—cedar, hemlock and fir are Winter’s green.

As we approach Winter Solstice.

This darkest time of year is why we have the tradition of lighting things up for the holidays; an innate celebration of the ‘Return of the Light.’


Winter is YIN

Winter solitude
In a world of one color
Sound of wind
~ Basho

Cold, dark, and still; quiet and receptive: all ‘qualities’ of Yin.


Now is a good time to take a few long ... slow ... deep breaths to ‘feel’ how you feel ...

To be in sync in Winter with the Yin way of doing things, is to be in BALANCE, in HARMONY, with yourself and what’s going on around you.

The important thing to remember health-wise this time of year is this: CONSERVE your energy—your Chi; by doing so, you’ll INVEST in your HEALTH.




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