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What You Need to Know About Winter

With the passing of the busy Holiday season, Winter’s Quiet has come into focus. Now and then, listen to it’s unique qualities; notice how you feel ... in the Quiet ... Cold and Dark, sometimes Wet and sometimes Dry ... Quiet ways of Winter.  Become more aware of your body and spirit, your mind and emotions ... Winter can affect your overall health in ways you may not be aware of.

Like a flowing stream slowed by frost, Winter Cold slows your body’s energy down — at a time when it takes more energy to stay warm; energy your body also needs to keep fluid flowing through it, because the heat that warms also dries you out. And be aware that the Darkness of Winter can also darken the psyche as the tendency to ‘hibernate’ heightens the sense of being more alone.

Although everyone is affected differently, when you recognize the Nature of Winter you begin to understand more clearly the effects this season has on your health.

Winterize Yourself
For Winter, just like every season in the year, as well as every season in your life, there are some ‘common sense’ things to know and do to keep yourself and your family healthy during this vulnerable time.

Stay Warm
In general, staying warm is your body’s primary concern in Winter.

Oriental Medicine at BIOM is a common-sense approach to health and well-being.

  • Use a hot water bottle to warm a cold bed before you lie down in it.
  • Move a chair closer to a nearby radiator.
  • Wear warm socks because when your feet are cold, your whole body is more likely to be easily chilled.
  • Wear gloves on a cold day.
  • When you’re outside enjoying Winter sports, make sure you dress properly so your body doesn’t get too chilled.
  • Overall, it’s important to keep your wrists, ankles, and the back of your neck protected from Cold.

Enlighten Yourself
If you have any tendency toward “cabin fever,” feel ‘down’ on overcast or rainy days, or experience any other
discomfort from too much time in the Dark, try this:

    It’s easier to prevent colds than it is to recover from them.
  • Spend some time outside during daylight.
  • Make sure you are in a well lit space for some time during each day.
  • Replace standard light bulbs with full spectrum bulbs.

Stay Dry—Not ‘Dried Out’
If Dryness is effecting you, keep yourself well-hydrated.

  • Eat soups, drink tea (the less caffeine the better if you’re feeling dry).
  • Some fruit and yogurt is okay, though remember they are ‘cold energy’ foods and you may feel cooler after eating them.
  • Use ‘toxin-free’ skin care products on dry skin. Chinese medical herbs are wonderful for moistening many the parts of your body that need it, like skin, hair, eyes, nasal passages, throat, and more.

So take good care of yourself this Winter, and remember:  It’s much easier to
prevent colds and other health problems than it is to recover
from them!

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