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Tips for Staying Healthy In Spring


There are many things you can do on your own to help balance and tonify the Liver to relieve Spring-related discomforts.

• Because the taste of sour is associated with the Liver, Spring is a good time to consider adding sour citrus to your diet. (Oranges are not suggested because they’re predominantly sweet.)

Gentle stretching relieves stress, calms nerves & stimulates healthy Liver function.

• Dandelion greens are a good way to detoxify and help soothe the Liver.

• Chrysanthemum and chamomile teas serve as nerve tonics, and can help alleviate symptoms associated with an out-of-balance Liver.

• Gentle stretching exercises stimulate the tendons, which are governed by the Liver. By stretching you relieve stresses that congest the Liver, thereby providing an internal massage that calms and stimulates healthy Liver function.

The frogs’ serenades ... Fill the nighttime air ... Spring is surely here ... Lao Xian

• Avoid eating heavy oils; use sesame, or an organic olive oil instead. Stay away from greasy, fried foods. Remember that saturated fats, like butter and cheese, make the Liver work harder.

• Moderate alcohol intake. And if you’re having heat-related problems, like skin rashes and hives, stay away from alcohol all together.

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