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The Year of the Rabbit (2011/4708)

According to the ancient Chinese view of the world this is the Year of the Rabbit, and if the wise ones of the past are correct, it should be a ‘relatively’ calm and peaceful year.

We seem to be off to a ‘relatively’ good start with the so-called ‘new civility’ emerging in the political realms of the U.S.

So the Year of the Rabbit should be a year of relative peace; ‘relative’ because today, ‘peace’ is not what it was in the time of the ancient Chinese, who had their wars and worries, but didn’t have them “24/7” like we do today.

So who is this ‘Wascally Wabbit’ ... as Elmer Fudd—that famous cartoon character of yesteryear—used to call him?

The Rabbit Personality

A person of the Rabbit year is a good listener and is both sympathetic and compassionate. Very attuned to others, and significantly intuitive, the Rabbit person uses all this information to strike compromises and work for the common good. Also, living the “good life” is important to the Rabbit and comes easily. Their charm and grace serve them well.

On the downside, although quiet and unassuming, the person of this Rabbit year is strong-willed and can verge on being self-absorbed and egotistical.

The Spirit of the Rabbit

In today’s world, Rabbit-spirited people are sought after: they’re the consummate diplomats—always preferring harmony and inner peace. The person born in the year of the Rabbit tends to be gracious, soft-spoken and kind.

Very considerate and thoughtful, he and she of the Rabbit year believes it costs people nothing to be nice to each other, and will act accordingly.

The Healthy Rabbit

The Element of the Chinese Five Element Theory which is present this year is Metal—which makes this the year of the ‘Metal’ Rabbit.

The strong presence of Metal energy this year means the Lungs—along with all the other Metal aspects affecting your health, which include: Large Intestine, Skin and Nose and Sinuses—will have a higher profile this year.

So Happy New Year from the Metal Rabbit! It promises to be a good one ...

Rabbit pounding herbs for an Elixir of Immortality


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