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The Tao of Health

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The Way of Prevention


Financial health suffers from a lack of reserves; so too does body & mental health. Build and protect your Chi/Energy and spend it wisely.


As a culture, and as individuals, we need to change our way of thinking about health: change our perspective from crisis mode to prevention mode. This means noticing and understanding symptoms, and dealing with them, before they become a health problem. Because when a discomfort morphs into a crisis, it’s much harder to bring the body back into balance and heal whatever damage has been done.


Be Your Personal Health Care Provider
I need to take responsibility for my own health and well-being, and not make it someone else’s job. For example: if I’m having trouble with headaches, I need to learn what causes my headaches, and more importantly, I need to explore what I can do to keep from getting a headache in the first place. It can be done. But not if I ignore the symptoms that lead up to a migraine.


The Preventive Path
So what’s the ‘best’ preventive path to follow? Oriental Medicine has a history of being very good at preventing serious illness because it’s aimed at early stages.

Ancient Chinese doctors understood that if you’re going to be exposed to a germ that causes a cold, it’s much better to deal with the germ when you have a sniffle to keep it from becoming pneumonia. Like if a house has termites, it’s much healthier to catch them in the second week, rather than the second year, after they’ve done all kinds of damage.

Is Oriental Medicine the ‘only’ way of preventive health? No, and as a practitioner and consumer of Oriental Medicine I know how beneficial it is in helping to strengthen and maintain a person’s energy so the body, mind, and spirit can deal with the stresses they’re subjected to.

Regardless of which path toward preventive health you choose, by following it you’ll be happier and healthier—and spend less money getting there.


The Preventive Way

Pay attention. Catch it early. Don’t wait until it gets worse.

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