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The Simple Joy of Creativity

“Those who flow as life flows ... know they need no other force.”
— Lao Tzu


In this current climate of economic and financial turbulence, where people are losing money and their sense of security, this is a good time to examine how to be creative so new things can grow where others have diminished.

Consider your body and mind as the field from which creativity emerges: when well tended and cared for, a satisfying yield is likely. And like balanced soil is necessary to create a crop, a balanced body and mind is the ground from which creativity flows.

Creativity flows along a broad spectrum: from focusing your intention—to allowing unintended insights to bubble-up intuitively—to perhaps a serendipitous set of events which presents an unexpected opportunity.

Being Alive is Creative

Each of us is the em-body-ment of creativity because that’s what being alive is: new cells are constantly being created; new breaths always coming; new thoughts constantly popping into awareness.

So regardless of what you do, or don’t do, you’re always in a creative moment.

Your personal creativity shapes the creative flow to suit your desires when you focus your attention and intention on what you want to emerge in your life.

This personal effort, mixed with a touch of serendipity, enables new and interesting things to emerge that weren’t there before. The result: a feeling of satisfaction and inspiration.

When we’re being and feeling creative, even if the tenor of the times is discouraging or challenging, we can still feel joy and sense purpose in our life.

Easy Ways to Feel Creativity

It’s important to experience creativity.

By becoming more familiar with it, and encouraging and nurturing it,  you can have more of it in your life. And you don’t have to travel far to find it: It’s in your neighborhood; right under your nose.

Nature is a wonderful place to observe creativity-in-progress:

1. Watch a seed opening and sprouting over several days.

2. Watch clouds form and glide across the sky.

3. Watch leaves sail down from tree boughs.

Look around … when you’re open to creativity … you’ll encounter it in the most common places … because Life is creativity.

Be Creative

We’re alive … so we’re creative.  We create sound when we speak or sing. We create air flow changes as we move through space, especially if we are running or riding a bicycle. We create lots of things just by our mere existence.

Then there are all the activities which we consider creative: painting, playing music, sculpting—all the arts are in this category.

Once you become aware of the creativity all around and in you, then you can choose how you want to engage with it. Explore it, expound upon it—allow your personal creativity to shine throughout your life. It’s meant to be that way.

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