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The Root of the Matter

Tree Roots

The beginning of a new year tends to bring into focus worn out ways of doing things while unmasking possibilities that only come into focus when looking at a familiar problem with a fresh perspective.

Refreshing Perspective

Here’s what we’ve been doing at BIOM to stay clear and focused, as we continue on our way, meeting the changes and challenges that unfold day-by-day—we invite you to come along:

• Take a few minutes each day to sit ...

children sitting quietly

... or stand quietly

woman doing tai chi

... Breathing slowly and deeply ...

follow your intuition

... Listening to intuition whisper suggestions about what’s right ... right now.

centered in the belly

Letting the attention/ gradually drop down from the head—the center of incessant thinking—and become aware of the center point...

... the Dan Tien that physical spot inside the abdomen, at the mid-point of the body, two or three inches below the navel and inside about one inch ...

... gradually, breath by breath, the calm centercomes into focus, along with the ability to sense next steps ... and a willingness to step along ...

Rooted and Balanced

Practice rooting and enjoy the subtle feeling of balance that emerges. A power you can rely on during life’s normal transitions and whenever confronted by challenging or upsetting situations.

Remember the words of the Aikido master: ‘It’s not that I don’t loose my balance, it’s just that I know how to get it back quickly.”


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