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The Monkey in August

In August, the Monkey is still susceptible to moments of erratic and volatile behavior, followed by sluggishness. This contrast of extremes is something to keep an eye out for this month—in yourself, and others. But what exactly are you keeping an eye out for?

As with a forest fire, one spark can either become an insignificant puff, that is out before anyone even knows it was there. Or the same spark can become a raging inferno. It just depends on the conditions.

When the environment is hot and dry—the definition of August—a destructive fire can get going pretty quickly. But once the fuel that feeds it is gone, the fire seems to disappear. Maybe ... maybe not. The danger to you is to not pay attention to that small glowing ember—in the case of your health, an existing weakness or imbalance—hidden beneath an ashen layer of inattentiveness. A weakness that can quickly and unexpectedly ignite into physical discomfort when the conditions are right for it, but wrong for your health.

So what feeds the fire this time of year for the Monkey—and possibly for you? Maybe too much physical exertion, causing overheating. Or perhaps, a short temper that may spark an already overheated situation.

In any event, the Monkey knows it’s nature, and follows it in August by resting, and enjoying itself beside the cool stream. What are you doing to “stay cool”—inside and out—as August fires burn and smolder?

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