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The Importance of Inspired Creativity

To be inspired is to be filled—on the most basic level—with BREATH.

Breath, also known as ‘Chi’ or ‘Life Force,’ is our foundation for CREATIVITY because it’s the dynamic that gives us the gift of Life; a gift because it’s given again and again and again, whether we remember to breathe or not.

Kitty Bradshaw Saori Weaving

SAORI Weaving

At BIOM, we intentionally take time to focus our CREATIVE ENERGY in a way that enables our personal CREATIVITY to flow.

And since Spring is the prime season of the year for new growth, we took the opportunity to enjoy three relaxing days on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada learning and experiencing Saori Weaving with Terri Bibby.

We stayed in Terri’s wonderfully furnished Honeysuckle Cottage in the woods—surrounded by fir, madrona, maple, and lots of birds ... one of them a large pileated woodpecker who was a wonderfully melodious drummer.

Kitty Weaving Saori

It was a pleasure learning to weave—the SAORI way—from Terri; her soft, warm, color-filled studio is a place where thoughts become translucent ... enabling CREATIVITY to emerge and become woven into fabric and Consciousness ...

We’ll have more to say about the importance of the creative process in a person’s life, and how expressing creativity affects health and well-being.

Do you need to make room for the creative process in your life? Join the conversation ...

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