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Tassajara Journey: A Late Summer Retreat

Time ... in retreat ... slows down ... openings ... opportunities ... not seen before ... gradually appear ...

Tassajara Journey & Retreat Travelogue.

Join us as we re-experience our journey along the Oregon and California coastline, across ‘wine country’ and the Golden Gate Bridge, and then up into the mountains of the Ventana Wilderness where we enjoyed a relaxing retreat at the Tassajara Hot Springs and Zen Center.

Even though we thoroughly enjoy the work we do, there are points throughout the year when the voice of health and wellbeing speaks very clearly, letting us know when it’s time to take a step back ... to relax, replenish and inspire. And we did just that for ten days this September by taking a road trip down to the Tassajara Hot Springs and Zen Center atop a mountain in California’s Ventana Wilderness.

Our journey in a ‘snapshot’ went like this:

Day 1: Friday
Bainbridge Island, WA - Yachats, Oregon
7 hours 27 mins; 327 miles

Oregon Coast

The simplicity of Life / just under the nose / breathe deeply — Lao Xian

Day 2: Saturday
Yachats, Oregon to Fort Bragg/Mendocino, California
9 hours 48 mins; 487 miles

Green seaweed / in the rock hollows / No one remembers the tide. — Kito

Day 3: Sunday
Fort Bragg/Mendocino, CA - Carmel, CA
5 hours 32 mins; 300 miles

On the surface / of the spring beach / A circle is largely drawn — Takahama

Day 4: Monday through Day 8: Friday
Our personal retreat at the Tassajara Hot Springs and Zen Center
(Friday night: Tassajara to Vacaville, CA
4 hours 35 mins; 195 miles)

The temple bells stop / but the sound keeps coming / out of the flowers. — Issa

Day 9: Saturday
Vacaville, CA - Eugene, OR
8 hours 3 mins, 475 mi

Be awake! / Be alive! / Life is visiting — Lao Xian

Day 10: Sunday
Eugene, OR - Bainbridge Island, WA (Home)
5 hours 17 mins; 308 miles

O be still / while you are still alive / and all things live around you — Thomas Merton

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