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Seasonal Chi Kung at BIOM: The Ba Gua Form

During this session of seasonal Chi Kung at BIOM I’m going to be teaching the Ba Gua form.

Practicing the Ba Gua form throughout the year provides you with ongoing health benefits because they are designed to balance each of the body’s organ systems.

I haven’t taught the Ba Gua in a while, and up-to-now only as part of a session. So these three sessions are a great opportunity to learn, ask questions about, and practice these powerful exercises that have been with us since antiquity.

October 13th, 20th & 27th
10:30AM - 11:45AM

The Benefits of Ba Gua Chi Kung

  • Tune-up each of your major organ systems.
  • Increase your energy level by breathing more fully and deeply.
  • Improve your balance and become more stable when standing and moving around.
  • Improved flexibility and agility enables you to do more.
  • An opportunity to experience your Chi in a way that can change your life.

Full Moon Bridge

What is Ba Gua Chi Kung
Ba Gua Chi Kung is a set of eight Chi Kung postures which engages all the organs of the body. This easy-to-do set of postures teaches your body how to move and bend in ways that help muscles become more flexible and joints move more fluidly through their range of motion.

Learning, practicing and enjoying Ba Gua Chi Kung is a pathway toward feeling grounded and refreshed.

Wondrous presence
of Nature
gray squirrel
Chi master
watching me
- Lao Xian

Some History
As with many things Chinese, there are different ways that the Ba Gua form is said to have originated.

One is the Taoist way which uses the I Ching to give us the eight directions.
It encourages us to balance the energy in our body by incorporating energy coming from each of the eight directions.

In the Ba Gua there is a different exercise for each of the eight directions because each direction has a different type of force to offer us.

Eight Pieces of Brocade
A brocade is a piece of cloth, usually made of silk, woven into complex and colorful patterns, and is very highly prized; just as the good health produced by these simple exercises is highly prized.

Another story about the Ba Gua has it being created by a military officer to provide his soldiers with a way to balance and strengthen themselves. He put together Chi Kung movements which were easy to remember and were well-rounded, providing the men with a way to stay battle ready.

There are also different ways of referring to the Ba Gua. One is the Eight Directional Exercises — which is how we’ll learn it.

Another name is Eight Energizing Exercises and a third is Eight Pieces of Brocade.

Come to BIOM to learn how to move your body in the eight directions while weaving your Chi into a ‘brocade’ that will enwrap you in the joy of health and well-being.

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