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Scallion Broth To The Rescue!


Just heard from a BIOMer who’s paying attention to how she feels and as a result noticed her sore-scratchy throat.

Taking the advice to stay in touch, she called asking for help to head-the-bug-off-at-the-pass.

Scallion Broth To The Rescue!

Common cold symptoms include: runny or stuffy nose; itchy or sore throat; cough.

It seems like our friend is being visited by that unwelcome bounder known as the COMMON COLD.

Whenever you begin to feel those feelings that suggest the onset of a cold or virus, SCALLION BROTH is a great first thing to try.

Scallion Broth, and as much restful down-time as possible, give your body the best chance of fighting off the intruder.

When you’re feeling ill and weak, that’s your body’s way of sending the RED ALERT signal—letting you know that you need to begin resting immediately.

The RECIPE. This simple scallion broth will help you sweat lightly, and is an excellent remedy for preventing colds from taking root:

• Take one scallion, and chop it up.
• Boil in water for 5 to 10 minutes. (Keep the lid on the pot to prevent vapor from escaping.)
• Flavor with tamari or soy sauce.
• Sip it slowly, bundle up, then lie down, or go to sleep.

Be mindful of those things that promote and maintain good health and you’ll become ill less often: 5 Element Eating, Chi Kung exercise, periodic acupuncture, and maintenance herbs keep your body’s Energy~Chi balanced.

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