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Revitalized Communities: For A New Society—An Evening With Nicole Foss

permaculture garden

As we mentioned earlier ... since 2008, when the U.S.-global economy got more than interesting, here at BIOM we’ve become more and more aware of the need for RESILIENCY and SUSTAINABILITY. In this regard, we’ve been exploring the depth and breath of this mindset through the ways and ideas of PERMACULTURE—permanent-culture; traditional practices that ‘endure.’

Permaculture is the art and science of creating community ecosystems in which plants, animals, and people interact to produce a fecund, ecologically sound perennial system that has the means to support itself indefinitely. ~ Marisha Auerback

And although The Crash of 2008 is a somewhat forgotten event, that doesn’t mean the same conditions that caused that ‘crash’ don’t still exist today. They do, but in the form of financial products most of us do not understand.

Add to this ... my mind pleading ... please don’t ... the ecological problems we face today ... and it leaves a person ... not wanting to think about it very much. Though, it’s how one positions oneself, relative to that change, which has such a pivotal affect on outcomes.

This is why NORTHENDIA PERMACULTURE has invited Nicole Foss to speak to us on Saturday, October 12th from 4:00PM-7:00PM at United Church of Christ in Suquamish, WA. (Directions)

Click to view larger poster or get more information.

Join us for a stimulating talk, with Nicole Foss; a leading observer and analyst of what’s happening today— economically and ecologically—and teacher of what needs to be considered in this time of profound economic and ecological change.

We live in a challenging time—finance, energy, environment, climate, resources. Our current path is unsustainable ... so we must adapt personally and as a community. Come learn how to protect your money and build a resilient community that understands the emerging reality and way forward.
Nicole will speak for the first 90 minutes, then her co-presenter, Laurence, will speak for an hour ... followed by your questions and their answers.

Your contribution: $10.00

Looking forward to seeing your there : )

... and please INVITE your friends ... Nicole’s message is something we all need to hear ...

Listen to James Howard Kunstler interviewing Nicole Foss.

As Jim says: “Nicole is a veteran of the Canadian government’s electrical ministry and has worked in the nuclear energy ministries of the UK and the European Union. She has lectured all over Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand in recent years.

Here are the biographies of NICOLE FOSS ... and her co-presenter LAURENCE BOOMERT:

NICOLE FOSS is Senior Editor of The Automatic Earth (—a ‘big-picture’ website that interprets the most pressing issues we face today—finance, energy, economics, environment, psychology, population—explains the crisis and educates people about what we can do about it.

Nicole is an international speaker on energy and global finance and has lectured in hundreds of locations across North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. She also teaches permaculture design courses in Central America and Europe, to which she brings significant experience as an environmental consultant.

Prior to the establishment of The Automatic Earth, Nicole was editor of ‘The Oil Drum Canada,’ where she wrote on peak oil and finance. She also ran the Agri-Energy Producers’ Association in Ontario, Canada, where she focused on farm-based biogas projects, grid connections for renewable energy and Feed-in Tariff policy development.

Nicole was also a research fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, where she specialized in nuclear safety in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and conducted research into electricity policy for the European Union.

LAURENCE BOOMERT has a long history in contingency planning, green business development and ‘community-up’ solutions.

Laurence’s approach to sustainability is grounded in whole systems thinking and spans a wide range of practical applications, including: business, economics, politics, sustainable land management, local food security, media, grassroots initiatives, and neighbourhood and community resilience projects.

Laurence has been an organic farmer, a television presenter, and founder of a new political party - the New Economics Party. He has been actively involved in the devlopment of Transition Towns initiatives in New Zealand and is one of that country’s foremost proponents of complementary currencies and new trading systems.

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