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Return of the Magi: An After-Christmas Tale

3 Magi/Taoists

The Winter Solstice had passed, darkness gave way to light, and the good news of the Child’s arrival began to spread along the Silk Road.

Having followed the meaning of the Star to Bethlehem, their hearts filled with delight, the three Taoist Masters took to the road once again, guided by a silken sense of the Great Consciousness reborn, knowing the Chinese New Year festivities would celebrate not just a new year, but a new epoch.

After several days, they arrived at the oasis, where they would join a caravan for the long trip home back to their high places on the snow-covered peaks of Song Shan. But until their departure they were honored guests at the home of Magus, the leader of the Magian Fellowship.

Their Story
Having feasted, the gathered Magi were now hungry to savor the tale of these wise men from the east, witnesses to what happened in that stable this past December night. 

With hands cupped in supplication, a silent request was made to hear the news of the new, young Savior. Magus rose, and bowed to Sifu, the eldest of the three Taoist Masters. Nodding in recognition, Sifu stood before the convocation ...

... A slow, deep breath - and at once! - the tent filled with a collective gasp! - as Sifu glowed with the Child’s Presence. Slowly ... gradually ... the gathered relaxed into the Light; Sifu bowed once again, and the questioning began.

Magi: You three Masters come from far-away China, how is it that you knew of the Child’s coming?

Sifu: A knowing had arisen amongst our Fellowship that the Immortal was soon to manifest itself again in the birth of a Magnificent Being - an Enlightened One, a Buddha. Using meditation for insight and the stars for guidance, the way became clear.

One night, an unusual group of stars set in the western sky, forming a cross that appeared to stand upright, as though it were anchored to the horizon. The next day we set out in that direction.

Magi: How did you actually find the Child?

Sifu: We followed the star to a place called Bethlehem. When we arrived, the town was crowded and confused because the people of that country had been ordered by their king to return to their ancestral cities to be counted in a census. Looking for lodging that night, we went to an inn, but were told there were no rooms to be had. The innkeeper kindly told us that we could shelter ourselves for the night in the stable behind the inn.

After tethering the camels, and unloading our bags, we entered the stable, which was crowded with shepherds. We immediately saw their faces transfixed on something and aglow in silent adoration; in the next moment, our eyes were blinded by that Light, and we fell prostrate upon the ground, trembling with awe.

Then a soothing wave of energy - what an infant might describe as Mother Love if it had the power of speech - flowed through us; slowly, we lifted ourselves up, and saw the Mother resting on a bed of hay, next to a manger, where the Child lay. Feeling as if being born anew, we too joined the congregation, and bathed in Bliss as we gazed upon the Child.

A Magi Shouted Out: A Virgin Birth! ... Born again ... but this time of the Spirit!

Sifu: Yes ... that is what it felt like!

Magi: Word has it that you brought special gifts. What did you bring?

Gold, frankincense, and myrrh: The Wisdom of Oriental Medicine

Sifu: Each of us is a doctor of Taoist medicine, and knowing that a child was to be born, we brought those things vital to the health of mother and child at birthing time. We brought ‘gold’ to purify the water, and to rub along the energy pathways of their bodies to stimulate and strengthen their Chi,” the ‘Life Force’ that fosters and sustains health. We also brought ‘frankincense’ and ‘myrrh,’ which we use in our medicine as an antiseptic to prevent against infection, and to help the mother rebuild her energy after the hardships of birth. These potions are important to help mother and child at any birth, but even more so on that night because of the unclean conditions in the stable.

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Magi: What happened then?

Sifu: There was Great Joy that night, the Presence of the Child was a delight, his body emanated a clear, pure, Light. Everyone was transfixed by the radiance. No one slept ... time had stopped ... then the sun broke through the night, and the town was astir again. Soldiers were on the alert, and spies were lurking, searching for news of the rumors about the birth of, what the local people called, the ‘Messiah.’ The king, a cruel and fearful man named Herod, had been told the prophecy of the birth of the Messiah, and fearing for his power, sent out his forces to harm the Child.

Magi: Did any harm come to the Mother and Child?

Sifu: Fear not my friends, the Child is safe. Although tired, mother and child were able to travel the next morning, and we took them to the home of one of your Magi brothers, who will arrange for their care and safety, and educate the boy until the time he is ready to venture out to teach the Tao and show the Way.

Magi: It is extraordinary that this Child, this Savior is born now, at the time of the Winter Solstice, when the time of darkness diminishes and the light returns. This very season when we celebrate the spirit of Mithra, the Sun God.

Sifu: Extraordinary, indeed. The oracle tells us that a new age has arrived in the West, as the ‘Sun God’ is transformed into the ‘Son of God.’

Magi: Extraordinary too, that Moses, the Hero of this Child’s people, was said to be found floating in a small container among the reeds in the river, while this child was born is a manger. A remarkable similarity!

Sifu: The Buddhas have come, time and time again, and there is something common and recognizable in their ways and symbols.

Magi: And what do you suppose may be the meaning of the symbol of the manger?

Sifu: Perhaps it is to remind each of us to rise above our animal natures. To let our hearts fill with compassion, and to live life with a feeling of the Presence of this Child.

Magi: Sifu, What do you think the greatness of this Child will be?

Sifu: Like Gautuma, the recent Buddha, my sense is that this Savior too will be motivated by the Great Compassion and become a Great Teacher. And, remember my friends: though Great Teachers come time and again, their Wisdom only becomes known to great students.

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