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Reflecting on a Winter Solstice Retreat

A personal retreat opens a window that let’s you see how wonderful and beneficial it is to make some time to experience quiet and stillness, and to understand the importance of simply ‘being.’


Retreating is essential because the world is so helter-skelter.

To have the urge to return to our basic nature is such a gift. A personal retreat is an opportunity to become aware of and feel that quiet place inside ourselves, that place of stillness where everything feels in order.

Trust & Patience. Retreating takes trust and patience. Once you begin a retreat it may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. The momentum of today’s lifestyle takes a while to slow down and unwind.

Getting Centered. So you have to have patience at first and know that the stream of non-retreat-oriented thoughts will gradually slow down, and that you will feel centered — just follow your retreat plan and wait. It happens when you’re not looking.

Feel The Urge

Retreating is something you have to want to do. The need to go inside has to be real and pressing. Real in the sense of “I really need to take a step back from (fill in the blank),” and pressing in that you know that something has to change, now!

When you get to that point retreating is what brings balance back into your life.

The Inner Vacation Home

Needless to say, (though I think it needs to be said anyway), Life is such a profound experience, and because we are so busy, most, if not all of the time, it’s easy to miss the central experience we’re all capable of having: feeling peace and joy.

It’s too easy to miss because we get absorbed so easily with the rough and tumble of making a living and taking care of all our responsibilities.

Feel The Gratitude. There’s a feeling of gratitude that arises when a retreat has begun. It’s like you thanking you for taking care of that part of yourself that always gets short-changed.

To retreat is like going to the ‘inner’ vacation home that you haven’t visited for a long time; a place you want to become reacquainted with. And when you do, you can go there to relax and rejuvenate as often as you like.

So decide to retreat and begin the process: plan, schedule, and retreat — then reflect. You’ll be surprised at how many options appear when you get back into your regular routine.

Do you need help planning your personal retreat? Retreat consultations are available at BIOM. Call — (206) 842-6936 — or email to make an appointment.

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