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Recognizing and Managing Stress

None of us are immune from the effects of stress, either emotional or physical ... and because of that, it’s essential to work on strengthening the immune system.

We recently watched a somewhat disturbing documentary called The Silence of the Bees about what seems like an immune system breakdown affecting whole colonies of honeybees. (A modern day equivalent of the ‘canary-in-the-coal-mine?’) The story of the bees and the destruction of their immune systems made me think about our immune systems and the strain they’re under. With Autumn and Winter on the way, we need to strengthen our immune systems so we can meet the challenges of the cold, dark, damp weather to come.

Thought-wise, it was a short step to thinking about what I need to be talking about now that Autumn and Winter are coming up. Because what we do (or don’t do) to strengthen our immune systems today will affect how healthy we’re likely to be when the cold, dark, damp weather returns.

Riding The Tiger
There’s a Kung Fu term that aptly describes the clarity of awareness needed when we face upsetting or dangerous situations: Riding The Tiger. If we think of stress as the ‘Tiger’ we need to be careful because it seems to be always around these days in a wide-variety of shapes and sizes.

And while it’s not likely any of us will get chomped on by a tiger, we’re likely to experience intense jolts, or prolonged periods of stress which can undermine the strength of the immune system and leave us vulnerable to illness.

What You Can Do
Each of us have built-in capacities to become and stay healthy, and there are things you can do to build your resistance to illness.

Spend Time In The Garden
Dirt is very receptive, you can smash it with a hoe, scrape it with metal rakes, jab it with pitchforks ... and it doesn’t seem to mind at all.

So going into a garden and dropping your *^%$ there is a time-honored way to rejuvenate. And in the spirit of relaxation and wisdom, we invite you into one of our favorite places ... The Haiku Garden ...

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