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Reclaiming The Yin - Update

Starting this past September Kitty has been leading a group in a year-long, online seminar which she calls Reclaiming The Yin: An Eastern Journey of Self-Exploration & Discovery.

Solar Eclipse

This multiple-intelligences learning experience combines a monthly face-to-face, group meeting over the Internet, where we learn about and discuss how your health can be affected by what the seasonal Energy or Chi is doing that month.

When we’re in sync with Nature, we’re in sync with what we need to stay balanced, grounded, and healthy. Reclaiming The Yin teaches you how to do this: the first session of each season we discuss and experience the 5 Element health aspects, in the second session we learn and practice Chi Kung, and in the third we delve into Diet and Nutrition — The Five Element Way.

Short demonstration videos that we produce at BIOM are used to support our discussions. They bring this ancient wisdom right down to today’s ‘street level.’

Women and Yin
Women especially, are called upon to Reclaim their Yin, since Yin is the Nature of the woman. Women are the foundation of Yin among people, but we’ve long ago lost our experience and understanding of what Yin is. It’s time to Reclaim the Yin, and bring our lives into balance. And by becoming more balanced as individuals we automatically bring more Yin energy into our time, so the energy of the planet can benefit too.

Then, to build on these concepts and make them a practical part of day-to-day life, everyone schedules a half-hour of phone or live chat time with Kitty to ask questions and receive personalized feedback regarding how to apply these ancient tools for the 21st century.

Add to that the buzz of insights and understanding that get expressed and discussed in the BIOM Community Forums, and that’s the recipe for the nourishing experience we call: Reclaiming The Yin. Learn more.

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