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Reclaiming the YIN: Begin at the Balance Point

autumn leaves turn golden

We’re just past the Autumn Equinox—the time where there’s a discernible BALANCE in Nature—the number of hours of daylight and darkness are about equal; until we in the Northern Hemisphere are gently tipped toward Darkness.

Unlike the Spring Equinox ... when we rise up into the Warmth and luxious growth of Summer (YANG) ... we’re now going the other way ... sinking ... into YIN ... Winter ... Cold ... Darkness. Not a darkness of gloom or despondency ... not at all ... we’re sinking in to the fecundity of YIN.

Understand YIN

To be able to sink ... fluidly and gracefully ... into Yin ... one must understand one’s own Yin, and the Yin of Nature.

Each of us is always being ‘reacquainted’ with these ‘larger’ aspects of ourselves; that’s what RECLAIMING THE YIN is: an OPPORTUNITY to UNDERSTAND and ACCESS your Yin energy which is the foundation of health in Autumn and Winter.

Yin needs to be understood so we know how to moderate our ‘lifestyles’ in the predominantly Yin seasons we call Autumn and Winter.

How You Can Reclaim Your YIN

BIOM’s Facebook page is a public page so YOU DON’T HAVE TO JOIN FACEBOOK ; ) Though, Facebook’s user interface is EXCELLENT for online EDUCATION; give it a try.

Longer time members of the BIOM community may recall Kitty taught Reclaiming The Yin: An Eastern Journey of Self-Exploration & Discovery online, a few years ago. It’s time to do so again ... but a bit differently.

We’ll be blogging Reclaiming The Yin here on, and tweeting it on BIOM’s Facebook page. For those of you who are local, Kitty is in the process of figuring out how to offer a ‘real world’ classroom version. Stay tuned ...

Be Here Now

As Ram Dass famously, and wisely, told ~ Be • Here • Now.

So NOW is a great time to START ... RECLAIMING THE YIN ...

Knowing Nature in Autumn

Lesson 1: Receptivity in September

One must recognize the reality of receiving. We receive breath at the beginning of our life. We continue to receive it until it doesn’t return. Accepting the reality of receiving is profound. It is one of the most difficult things to do.

Do You Know How To Receive

What other gifts do we receive? Sunlight, darkness, all 5 Elements, our capabilities. Some of our gifts we’re conscious of—sometimes; others support us without our awareness.  How good are we at receiving consciously and humbly? What position does it put us in to fully accept all the gifts? This is a question worth pondering.

The Difference Between Receiving and Giving

There is a great difference between receiving and giving. One is Yin, the other is Yang. The Yin aspect is the receptivity, the Yang aspect is the giving. Imagine the Yin aspect as the vessel or receptacle. Into it can be put whatever is being received. It is the repository, the source. From it, the contents can be poured out and partaken of. Think of an example of such a receptacle and/or repository you know. Is it empty? Does it contain something?

Appreciating Emptiness

How can emptiness be appreciated and enjoyed? Emptiness waits, exists until something fills it. Emptiness needs to be appreciated for its receptivity—it’s readiness; readiness to receive.

If your vessel were full, no additional contents would be possible. Savor your capacity to be full-filled; cultivate you ability to receive into the emptiness. Don’t accept the negative connotation of emptiness. Emptiness is the precondition to being fulfilled. And fulfillment is a reason for being alive.

What If You Had to Remember to Breathe

If you didn’t exhale, you wouldn’t have the space to breathe in the next breath. This inflow and outflow is automatic, requiring nothing of you, which is a good, because it could be an annoyance to have to remember to breathe in and out all the time

Try This ...

Hold your breath for as long as you can. When you absolutely must, receive your next breath. Be fully aware of the air flowing into you. Feel it. Appreciate it.

You have begun to ‘reclaim your Yin.’

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