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Reclaiming The Yin: An Eastern Journey of Self-Exploration & Discovery

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Our world today is very Yang with lots of rushing to and fro, 24/7 energy output, little sleep and rest ... and the list goes on.

Much ado is made about Yang energy, and it is well rewarded monetarily. Not so with the Yin.

Sleep is Yin, and getting enough sleep is considered a sign of weakness; going slowly, whether on foot or auto, is considered aberrant. The Yin is nowhere to be found.

Reclaiming The Yin is a new way of presenting very old information. It’s a year-long opportunity to study, experience, and rebuild the quiet and creative side of yourself; that part of you ancient Chinese wisdom called - ‘Yin.’

We’ll start by becoming aware of the stillness in nature that still exists around us, despite the din of news and noise that has become a constant presence. As we become more aware of the stillness around us, we’ll become more aware of it within ourselves - while learning new ways to make this ancient understanding a part of everyday living.

Entering into the flow of Yin ... we begin in September ... at the time of Autumnal Equinox, when Yin energy is increasing in the northern hemisphere. We’ll follow its evolution through the entire year by looking at a different facet of Yin each month, particularly how this energetic force affects us physically, mentally, and emotionally. We’ll also pay close attention to the effects Yin has on our day-to-day activities, or what a poet from the past described as: “chop wood, and carry water.”

Reclaiming The Yin includes:

  • A three-hour, Internet-based, live group meeting each month, where Kitty will present information, show short demonstration videos, and lead a discussion of that month’s topic.
  • A 45-minute private, one-on-one consulting/coaching session with Kitty each month to discuss any aspects of your personal journey you want to explore.
  • Insight journaling. You’ll be asked to keep a journal to help you stay focused on your personal Reclaiming The Yin process. This special type of journaling is a unique and proven method for delving more deeply into ideas and issues that are important to you. As you speak to it, the journal has a way of speaking back to you. (Guidance for how to use this type of journal will be provided.)
  • You’ll also have access to BIOM’s private, online forum, moderated by Kitty, where you can express yourself, share insights, and start or join discussions with other participants on the path of Reclaiming The Yin.

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Is Reclaiming The Yin For You?
So each of us needs to take personal responsibility for Reclaiming the Yin in our lives. We need to explore Quiet. We need to reacquaint ourselves with Rest. We need to welcome Sleep. There are many aspects of Yin to explore and understand. That’s what this journey of Reclaiming the Yin is all about.

So if you think, or feel, there’s a need for a new direction in your life, or a more balanced way to accomplish the goals you’ve set out for yourself, then Reclaiming The Yin is for you ...


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