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Oriental Medicine: Picking A Treatment Plan That Works for You

The first wealth is health.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Just as managing and growing your financial assets is a complex undertaking, where having a trusted advisor can make the difference between success and failure, so too with managing your health. You want a financial advisor who can show you how to invest in ways that generate more money, and you want a ‘health advisor’ that can help you increase your ‘energy.’

Call any time you have a problem or need information — (206) 842-6936 — and you will usually get a return call from Kitty within 24 hours — sooner for emergencies.

Treatment Options
When you invest in your health at BIOM you have three basic plans to choose from, each tailored to what you need to get and stay healthy.

Short Term (Less than three months)
Short term treatment is for acute situations. It is suggested that you receive treatment one or two times a week at the outset — depending on the severity of your problem — until the symptoms diminish and come under control.

Intermediate Term (3 – 12 months)
Your body has a variety of rhythms — heart beat, digestion, menstruation — and so many more, and the focus of Oriental medicine is to understand and map out what your particular rhythms are so they can be predicted and planned for.

And because rhythms is a function of cycles taking place over a period of time, the more time we spend looking at your body’s particular rhythms, the better able we are to ‘tune up’ your health. To do this, an intermediate term treatment plan works best. Here you would plan to come in for treatment every three to four weeks over the period of ‘four seasons”; another way of saying one year, but with a specific focus on understanding how your body reacts to and copes with the unique challenges each season of the year presents to your health.

Long Term (12 months and longer)
Education is a significant part of the treatment process at BIOM, so after the intermediate phase of treatment, your body and health are well understood, by me, and by you; including what works to improve your health and what weakens it. At the one year mark, and beyond, it’s suggested that you come in for treatment once or twice a month to monitor your body’s predisposed weaknesses, address any flare-ups due to unique circumstances, and to generally work on continuing to build and maintain the strength of your immune system.

Maintaining Your Health
As a wise doctor once said, “Maintaining your health is like keeping your clothes clean: you may put them on fresh today, but just by doing the normal day to day things, they get dirty and need to be washed and mended. Same with your body and your health.”

Regardless of your situation, there’s a way to make Oriental medicine work for you, so that you’re strong and healthy to work on those things that bring you joy and fulfillment. Contact Kitty — (206) 842-6936 / .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) —  to get started today.

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