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Preventing Colds and Flu (and More)

Autumn is all around us in the northern hemisphere: leaves are falling, light is waning, and harvest celebrations are beginning. And the greatest harvest anyone can have, is health—a larder full of Chi protected against pests, dampness, and rot by a strong immune system.

Autumn and winter is the time to be very supportive and protective of your immune system, and if it’s impaired, time to focus on repairing and bolstering it.

Protecting Against Pests
Pests, like colds and flu, are always trying to get into your “larder” to feed on your energy. When your immune system is weak, they get in and undermine your health. However, you’re very fortunate because your immune system is very resilient, and when properly nourished and maintained, is a state-of-the-evolution security system.

Yes, microbial intruders are always probing, and trying to penetrate, that’s when the teamwork begins: A healthy immune system mobilizes when it senses a threat, and begins to take immediate action: simultaneously, using its “symptom message system”— (Your inner voice says to you: “Hmm, I’m not feeling that well today.”)—your body signals to your mind to support and reinforce it by doing things like:

  • Eating food that heals.
  • Staying warm, dry, and out of drafty places.
  • Getting adequate rest.
  • Doing what’s necessary to minimize persistent patterns of stress in your life.
  • Becoming aware that building and maintaining a strong immune system is a year-round project.
  • IMPORTANT: Because of the hyper-busy lives we lead, which too often distract us to the point of failing to act in time, we run the risk of “missing the message” to send in reinforcements, and may fall ill. So pay attention to how you’re feeling, and act decisively.

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