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New Year … New Beginnings … New Opportunities … New Hope

Happy New Year

At BIOM we’ve been enjoying the Quiet and Stillness that lingers as the Sun passes slowly past Winter Solstice …

Winter Solstice

The end of the year, as measured by the Gregorian calendar, is a good time to recount and reflect; to recall what has been learned and what wants to be known.


Sipping tea ... we sat and talked about where we’ve been and where we’d like to go …
It Was A Very Good Year

2015—the Year of the Wood Sheep—was very good at BIOM: balanced and steady; notable in a year full of much ecological, geopolitical and economic stress.

Year of the Sheep

Health-wise, looking back over the year, it’s significant to see that people who have been using Oriental Medicine at BIOM, in a preventive way, have largely avoided getting ill from the array of viruses and bacteria we live with and pass around to each other. 

Kitty Bradshaw Herbalist

There was time devoted to creating and building; repairing and refurbishing. This applies to our health, as well as the health of the things in our life that support our well-being. As a result, we’ve been developing new skills, and continuing to hone the ones we already have. 

… Kitty’s first-time felted hat …

hand-made felt hat

… Michael’s portable workbench …

Handmade portable workbench

Learning-Wise …

Kitty taught a second, year-long, evening class at BIOM called Movement, Meditation and The Medicine, where eight of us got together once a month for two-plus hours to learn, practice and enjoy the Power of Oriental Medicine.

Kitty checking pulses

Michael has been drawing on his 30-plus years experience practicing, teaching and applying the meditative martial arts in daily life. His new program is called Tai Chi For … which he customized into Tai Chi For … Farmers and Gardeners and taught to various groups in the Chimacum, WA farming community.

Michael demonstrating Tai Chi

2016 … Everything Old Is New Again

As the song says … everything old is new again … but that’s only true when there’s a fresh infusion of Energy or Chi …

Michael demonstrating Tai Chi

Chi Dancing

Helping you rebuild and maintain your Energy … your Chi … is what BIOM is here for. We remain committed to offering you the benefits of Oriental Medicine, which include teaching and reminding you of the many things you can do on your own to regain and/or maintain your precious Health.

Fire Monkey

Keep in mind that 2016 intersects with the energetics embodied in the Chinese calendar, which in February brings on the uninhibited antics of the Fire Monkey. This signals a more peripatetic, change-oriented time for everyone. At BIOM, we’ll be on the lookout for instabilities regarding the health of body, mind, and spirit to help you get and stay balanced.

This Year At BIOM

• Kitty will be offering another year-long class focusing on Heart energy because we’re coming into a Fire Element year. And balanced Heart energy affects personal courage, which is much needed as we progress through uncertain times.

• We will continue to focus on how the seasons of the year affect the seasons of our lives, by providing integrated health tips and insights regarding body~mind~spirit.
•  We will be sharing with you simple, satisfying mediations we’ve been enjoying ourselves that provide great benefit when things are going well and when they fall apart.
• We’ll also be creating a new website to make it easier for us to share information about How to Stay Healthy the Oriental Medicine Way and easier for you to ask questions and join the conversation.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR! to you … and Welcome 2016 … a year of Repairing and Building … Health-Wise & Other-Wise …

Fire Monkey

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