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Movement, Meditation and The Medicine



Movement, Meditation and The Medicine

At BIOM there is a synchronicity at play … on this first day of the Year of the Wood Sheep, Kitty is leading, in a sheep-like way, the first session of her new, year-long class called: Movement, Meditation and The Medicine.  This is a sequel, of a sort, to Reclaiming The Yin, the previous year-long class that ended with a celebratory Kaiseki dinner.


Because of the ease inherent in a Sheep year, learning Movement, Meditation and the Medicine will come more easily to you this year.

For example, most people have trouble slowing their minds down when learning meditation, and if we taught meditation last year, in the Wood-Horse year, there would have been a tendency to have our thoughts gallop away when we wanted to calm them.

And even though this is a Wood year too—with its jittery effect on an unbalanced Liver, which causes useless mental activity—the soothing effect of Sheep energy will help smooth out the learning process quite a bit.


Sheep is simply a physical representation of what the energy is going to be like this year.

This will tend to be a year where things can come more easily, and because of that, it’s fortuitous to be learning and practicing these essential life skills.


Everyone should consider trying something new this year because of the good portent of Sheep energy; while keeping in mind that Meditation, Movement and Oriental Medicine are always a good idea for cultivating and maintaining health and well-being

Bottomline: If you’ve been wanting to climb a mountain, this year will likely be a good year to do it!

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