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Massaging Hands and Feet for Health

Did you you know that all of the meridians or channels that energize each of your body’s internal organs begin or end at the tips of the toes and hands? And that by gently massaging your hands and feet you’re energizing your whole body?

peering up at the clouds —
a frog ...
— Chiyo

Spending a few minutes each day rubbing your hands and feet isn’t just one more thing to do in an already over-scheduled day; think of it as a pleasurable ‘tune-up’  that’s a perfect complement to your traditional exercise workout.

A Special Relationship With Yourself
You don’t need someone else to massage your hands and feet. Hands are easy and can be rubbed anytime, anywhere. Feet are a bit more challenging regarding when and where you can do it. Figure out the best time and place - and then do it.

Seeming as though
this must be the last of it –
So much spring snow!
— Issa

Massaging your feet leads to other great health benefits beyond those that come from energizing the organs related to the toes.

Since many of us haven’t done much stretching in a while, it may be challenging to get to the feet easily. Or maybe there’s a bit more bulk in the mid-section than the last time you rubbed your feet. Just by reaching for your feet you will stretch out tight parts of the body, and begin bringing more energy into the digestive system, which jumpstarts the process of losing bulk in the midsection and toning the muscles.

In a short time after regularly massaging your feet, you’ll be enjoying more energy, and feeling healthier overall.

Getting Closer To That Special Someone
Nothing says ‘I care about you’ better than a hand and foot massage. So why not give this gift of love to that special someone in your life? And hopefully after experiencing how good it feels they’ll want to pass this goodness back to you. And if your gift of a hand and foot massage isn’t returned after a reasonable amount of time, you might hint about an early birthday present.

So give it a try, you’ll be amazed at how much better things are after getting rubbed the right way.


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