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Maintaining a Healthy Relationship With The Internet

Zen Forest
”…  humility counts at least as much as utility.”
~ Meher Baba‎

There are so many moving parts in our lives these days; all of the traditional ones like: maintaing one’s health, home and happiness—along with a myriad other things.

On top of that, we have to ‘Ride The (Internet) Tiger: enjoying its thrills while accepting that you’ll get thrown off from time to time : /

If you opened our recent newsletter, you may have noticed, we fell off the ‘Tiger’—again : (

Riding The Tiger

“Ride the Tiger” is a Tai Chi metaphor that teaches how challenging it is to always be in control, and to accept the lessons that come when you inevitably get thrown off.

‘Ride The Tiger’ is also a way to practice balance, to learn how to fall off less frequently, and with fewer bruises and bites ... as you ride through life. 

“When he makes a mistake, he realizes it.
Having realized it, he admits it.
Having admitted it, he corrects it.

Why did the ancient Masters esteem the Tao?
Because, being one with the Tao,
when you seek, you find;
and when you make a mistake, you are forgiven.
That is why everybody loves it.”

~ Lao Tzu

Establishing and maintaining the health of your Internet software is somewhat like maintaining the health of your body.

When everything is working fine—with your body and your Internet software—not much attention is needed; but when you start doing things you’re not familiar with unexpected things can—and do—happen.

Getting Our File System on a Diet

We made some changes to our newsletter software and did not pay close enough attention to a software ‘health’ problem that gradually built up: an obese file folder.

Given that it’s Spring, a time of year when an unbalanced Gallbladder is prone to flare-ups, you could say our newsletter had a digital ‘Gallbladder attack’.

As with many ‘health’ problems, we should have paid closer attention when the ‘symptoms’ first arose with our previous newsletter.

With this second ‘flare-up,’ we realized our newsletter’s health was at risk … so we conducted a thorough examination and got rid of all of that file fat and put in place safeguards to make sure this does not happen again.

crossed fingers

So, once again, please accept our apology for the confusion.

P.S. For those of you who are interested, we’ll be resending the ‘healthy’ version of the newsletter out again next week ... which includes a video you might find interesting : )

As always ... wishing you the best of health and well-being ...

Kitty & Michael

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