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Kidney Health In Winter

Oriental Medicine helps your Kidney energy bloom in Winter

Oriental Medicine helps your Kidney energy bloom in Winter

It’s Winter and according to Five Element Theory, the Water energy is at its lowest ebb.

Your Kidneys may be pretty pooped by now, leaving you feeling low in energy, and more susceptible to becoming cold. Overall, your immune system is a bit weaker due to the stresses it undergoes from warding-off illness. This is a time of year when more rest is needed to maintain normal energy levels.

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Kidneys Are Most Vulnerable In Winter
Since the Kidneys are much more vulnerable right now, if they get too chilly, you’re more susceptible to injuries to the lower back, hips, legs and feet.

With the Water energy waning, the strength of the Kidneys and the parts of your body most dependent on them, can benefit from the support provided by:

Rebuild The Kidneys—Prepare The Liver

Acupuncture and Chinese medical herbs can help rebuild your strength.

The Water element energies of Winter will remain important until we get closer to the Vernal Equinox towards the end of March, when the Wood energy of Spring and the Liver will move to center stage. But, in these ecologically tumultuous times, it’s become evident that the Liver energy has already started to flow in, roiling the waters.

Seasonal changes are like changing tides: Where one tide has been high and begins to flow out (Water energy in Winter) the next season’s energy, or ‘tide,’ (Wood energy in Spring) is prematurely flowing in—causing unexpected pressures in your body and mind.

If you get too chilly, you’re more susceptible to injuries.

With the onset of Spring’s ‘Wood’ energy, pay attention to potential health issues affecting the Liver, gallbladder, eyes, and nerves. So if you find yourself unexpectedly irritable, or easily frustrated, this changing of the seasonal energy is a possible reason why.

Oriental Medicine Is Preventive Health Care
Remember to take advantage of preventative measures like acupuncture, Chinese medicinal herbs, Chi Kung exercises, and 5 Element diet and nutrition to prepare for the strong effects on your body and mind that Spring energy brings.

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