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Jumping Into Spring

It’s Spring, we know it by what we see and feel around us. The feeling of Spring typically is one of excitement, with the return of the light and the promise of Summer.

There’s another level of Spring ‘feeling’ to be aware of too: The feeling of how you feel in your body as Spring energy builds.

Oxalis in Spring

(Click on this image for a delightful

Feeling Jumpy

On tips of branches
Buds burst with tiny flowers,
Spring is here!
- Lao Xian

With the arrival of Spring lots of people are jumping-with-joy; but there’s another kind of ‘jumpiness’ that comes with the arrival of Spring. That’s the feeling of restlessness and ‘jumpiness’ that can affect your health in the form of restless leg, insomnia and other Liver-related discomforts.

It starts with the surge of Spring or ‘Liver’ energy.

Some people are predisposed to this ‘nervy’ or ‘jumpy’ discomfort, and in Spring it gets worse. Others of us start to feel the ‘jumpy’ energy of Spring as a hyper-energetic feeling that gets us into the garden, taking trips, going out for a run, planning projects, or just getting up and going.

How that burst of energy makes you feel depends on the health of your nervous system, which is affected by the Liver—the most dynamic organ in Spring.


Don’t Get Overwhelmed
So if you’re feeling jumpy, clogged up, or generally out of sorts and haven’t tried Oriental Medicine up until now, it’s something to consider. And keep in mind that how you treat your Liver in Spring plays a great role in how comfortable you’re going to feel in your body.



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