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Jack O’Lantern’s Post-Halloween Health Tips

Jack O'Lantern

As we mentioned, our friend Jack O’ Lantern stops by BIOM every year around Halloween to spend some time relaxing, and to shed some light and reflect upon important life issues with wit, humor, and wisdom. And being the nice gourd that he is, and a “Jack-of-all-trades,” he wanted to share with us some of his 5 Element Halloween health tips.

Jack O’Lantern here: Happy Halloween to all you good folks in the BIOM community!

As you all are aware, people and pumpkins like each other very much, and always look forward to seeing each other at HARVEST TIME. The HARVEST is a very hopeful and happy time, and an important time to fill your larder and get ready for the cold days ahead.

So to help you stay healthy when my friend, Ol’ Man Winter comes a-callin,’ me and my pumpkin friends are at your service.

Jack Says:

• “Pumpkin is a good food for strengthening your digestive system. How do I know that? Well, orange is the color associated with the Earth element, which affects the digestive power of your body. So orange-colored foods, like pumpkin, generally have a positive effect on the health of your digestive system.”

• “We pumpkins pride ourselves on being able to stay moist on the inside, and not get dried out while sitting in the Autumn air. So when you eat pumpkin, you take our moisture into your body. This helps you fight off colds and flu because your body’s mucus membrane is where those pesky microbes get caught and tossed out.”

• “I think the main reason—besides our good looks—why people like us pumpkins so much is because we’re nutritious and so rich in minerals. And we’re delicious too, if you treat us right! We’re good in soups or baked; be creative, and you’ll find other ways to enjoy us. And remember: While pumpkin pie is delicious too, you shouldn’t have too much at a time, because of all of the cream and sugar that’s added. Enjoy it, but be moderate; save it for dessert, after you’ve eaten a Healthy Eating: The Five Element Way meal.

So that’s it for now. My pumpkin friends and I hope to see you again around Thanksgiving! Bye ...

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