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How Oriental Medicine Works … When You’re Feeling Sick

While there are signs of Spring here in the Northwest, it is still Winter … temperatures between highs in the 50s and lows in the 20s. This kind of variation puts a lot of strain on your body’s immune system making it vulnerable to invasion by the typical viruses and bacteria we share the world with. So it’s not surprising that many people have been experiencing respiratory problems like colds, flu, walking pneumonia and other ailments related to weak organ energy in Winter.

Acupuncture Or Not To Acupuncture—That Is The Question


Needle-less Acupuncture … If you have an aversion to needles, you can still enjoy the benefits of acupuncture through “needle-less’ methods.

Acupuncture is a superb method for moving your body’s Energy~Chi, which keeps your organ systems balanced and functioning properly. But when you’re feeling ill, your Immune System gets fired-up and takes charge of all available energy you have to fight off the pathogen. So when you’re feeling ill, acupuncture gets put on hold and Chinese medicinal herbs come to the fore to help the Immune System do battle with the invader.

Chinese Medicinal Herbs: Dispellers and Rebuilders

When you’re feeling ill and weak, that’s your body’s way of sending the RED ALERT signal, letting you know that you need to begin resting immediately. Resting frees up all available energy for the Immune System to use to battle the invading bacteria or virus that has taken residence in your body.

Fortunately today, many of us have several options regarding how to fight off the invading pathogen. In the realm of Oriental Medicine, Chinese medicinal herbs are called upon to lead the charge.

Generally speaking, when fighting off a cold, flu or other pathogen, the order of battle is: the DISPELLING herbs go in first, then once the battle is over, the REBUILDING herbs go to work: nourishing, strengthening and fortifying the Immune System. Just as you need to rest while the Immune System fights for your health, after the battle, you need to attend to the needs of your Immune System and rebuild its strength.

Kitty Bradshaw-Herbalist & Acupuncturist

As you continue to flow through the seasons of your life, keep in mind that Chinese medicinal herbs can help you cultivate and maintain your health.

Stay In Touch With How You Feel: The Oriental Medicine Healing Process

Be mindful of those things that promote and maintain good health: 5 Element Eating, Chi Kung exercise, periodic acupuncture, and maintenance herbs to help keep your Energy~Chi balanced, and you’ll become ill less often.

But we’re all susceptible to illness once in a while, and this is where a key point of the Oriental Medicine healing process tends to get overlooked. What is that key point?

… When you’re ill and taking Chinese medicinal herbs prescribed at BIOM ~ STAY IN TOUCH …

Kitty encourages anyone who is sick and taking Chinese medicinal herbs to stay in touch with her, via phone or email, daily or every other day, until the worst of the symptoms have dissipated.

chinese herbs

Herbs and humans have a primordial relationship, one so essential that you could say that without herbs the human race might not exist today because our ancestors depended on them for their strength and health.

Dispelling Herbs & Rebuilding Herbs—The One-Two Punch

Like you and me, pathogens are alive and need energy and nourishment to live and thrive, and when they’ve taken up residence in our bodies they do so at the expense of our health.

The Oriental Medicine method for fighting bacteria and viruses is a two-step process: Knock the pathogen out of your body with a dispelling Chinese medicinal herb formula, and then rebuild your Energy~Chi with a nourishing, rebuilding herb formula.

When you’re ill, and come to BIOM for a diagnosis and herbal prescription, you’ll get both a customized dispelling herb formula to help your Immune System fight off the pathogen, and a customized rebuilding herb formula to help your body recover the energy your body used to eliminate the pathogen.

Dispelling Herbs. Staying in touch is IMPORTANT because sometimes, when the dispelling herbal formula doesn’t weaken or eliminate the pathogen quickly, there is the chance that the pathogen will adapt its tactics as it’s being attacked by your Immune System. If this happens, Kitty adapts the herb formula based on the changes you describe in your symptoms.

This strategy puts additional stress on the already weakened pathogen, making it an easier target for the Immune System to push out of your body.

Rebuilding Herbs. Another IMPORTANT reason for staying in touch is to coordinate the timing for switching from the dispelling herb formula to the rebuilding herb formula.

Between getting older, and having to fight off what seems to be more virulent pathogens these day, we also have to contend with our desire and need to get up-and-running again. Because of this, once the worst symptoms of the illness begin to subside, we face the temptation of switching over prematurely to the rebuilding herbal formula. Too often this is a mistake, because while the dissipating herbs are doing their job, early on the pathogen is only weakened, but not yet vanquished. So if you switch over to the rebuilding herbs too soon, you’ll nourish the pathogen back to health, potentially causing a relapse to more severe symptoms again. Not what we want to have happen.

So by staying in touch during the dispelling phase of your treatment, you can communicate with Kitty and discuss how you’re feeling, and take advantage of her expertise and experience for figuring out how the dispelling herbs are working, and when the right time is to switch over to the nourishing, rebuilding herbs.

The healing process is a ballet-of-sorts, beautiful when well-choreographed; not so pretty when the dancer stumbles and falls …

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