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You may find that during Spring you’re more susceptible to illnesses or discomforts, like:

Fatigue. If your “lifestyle choices” over the past couple of months have not been ones that balance and tone the Liver, you may be feeling tired— especially if you’ve been experiencing a lot of volatility and stress in your life.

Digestive problems. During Spring, an increased intolerance to foods that include highly saturated fats is common.

Skin problems. Herpes outbreaks, skin problems, like eczema and psoriasis, and others can flare up during Spring.

Lung problems. Spring is hay fever season, so sinusitis, and related Lung conditions can be an entrenched problem by May.

Insomnia. Insomnia is a direct result of Liver imbalances in many people. If you started having insomnia, or if it’s gotten worse, Oriental Medicine has methods for balancing Liver energy and mitigating the program.

High Blood Pressure. Even high blood pressure can result from Liver imbalance. If you’re experiencing unusually high blood pressure or if you experience chronic high blood pressure, Oriental Medicine is a low-impact way to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms while beginning the process toward a long-term solution.

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