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Get your free, daily HEALTHY THOUGHT by visiting BIOM: A Conscious Place for Health & Well-Being ...

• When I take HERBS I feel better—when I forget—I feel the issue the HERBS are addressing re-gain strength—so I remember to take my herbs ...

• ‘Reclaiming The Yin’ is an opportunity to rebuild the QUIET & CREATIVE side of yourself; that part of you ancient Chinese wisdom called—YIN.

• Everyone’s health situation is UNIQUE, so Kitty works with people with that in mind. Oriental Medicine isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

• Oriental Medicine ~ practiced by millions for thousands of years. An evolutionary approach to health & well-being desperately needed today.

• In Autumn, weak Lungs and/or Large Intestine can leave you more vulnerable to colds, skin problems and flare-ups of asthma.

• Did you know that in Autumn, if your Lungs are weak, you may be predisposed to feeling sad?

• Regarding emotional health—there’s a tendency to feel a touch of melancholy in Autumn. This includes feelings of sadness and depression.

• Each season of the year has energetic forces your body & mind have to adapt to. Oriental Medicine deals with those transitions ...

• As we mentioned, our friend Jack O’ Lantern stops by BIOM every year around Halloween to spend some time relaxing, and…

• SCALLION BROTH is an excellent remedy for preventing and getting rid of colds:

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