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  • We can’t afford to wait until something “bad” happens to begin safeguarding our health.
  • Acupuncture a Powerful Tool in Complementary Cancer Care
  • Doctors are using acupuncture to offset the side-effects of chemotherapy and other cancer-related treatments.
  • “Among the most important and effective alternative therapies for treating cancer is acupuncture.” -
  • It’s much better to address health issues when they’re still ‘subtle’ rather than wait until they become more dramatic.
  • Learn how to cook healthy, tasty Japanese-style meals to improve your digestion & loose weight ... available at BIOM.
  • June session of ‘Reclaiming The Yin’: 5 Element dynamics of Fire and how it affects your health and well-being in Summer.
  • Months or years after childbirth a mother can feel ‘energy-less’ and depleted. Chinese medical herbs can turn this around and replenish you.
  • Eat the ‘5 Element Way’ and your digestion will improve, and you’ll live healthy and happy.
  • Digestion can make or break your health. When you eat food your body can’t process you’ll have poor absorption and lack nourishment.
  • Pay attention to your body’s ‘Life Force’; which when unattended tends to diminish, making the body susceptible to disease.
  • Oriental Medicine’s great strength is in building and maintaining the strength of your immune system.

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