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Healthy Eating: The Five Element Way

‘Eat well … to feel well’ is a simple strategy for a healthy life. Healthy Eating: The Five Element Way focuses on your overall diet and how to eat in a strategic way that delivers nourishment, and builds energy or ‘Chi.’

This unique approach to diet and nutrition teaches you how to enjoy food in a way that lets you enjoy better health

Watch and listen to Kitty describe ‘Healthy Eating: The Five Element Way’ and how it will benefit you.

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Did you know that health has a taste? Actually, it has five tastes: spicy, salty, sour, bitter and sweet.

When these five tastes of food are present in a meal that meal becomes balanced; and a body that eats balanced meals is a healthy body.

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Benefits of Healthy Eating: The Five Element Way

1. Improve Your Digestion
If you’re experiencing problems with your digestion, even if you eat the highest quality food, your body won’t be able to adequately absorb the nutrients that food has to offer. Healthy Eating: The Five Element Way teaches you how to combine foods in a way that rebalances the energy that fuels your digestive system. A stronger digestive system absorbs more nutrients and improves your overall health.

2. Have More Energy
Using this simple method of diet and nutrition, your meals take on an ‘alchemical’ quality, transforming your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks into delicious and nutritious meals.

When you don’t have a balanced diet, you’re likely to feel tired and rely on caffein and sugar for a boost. That boost has a cost though in that it draws on existing energy reserves which are already low. With a balanced, Five Element diet your body has what it needs to carry you energetically from meal to meal.

3. Sleep Better
When you eat a nutritionally and energetically balanced diet: your digestion works well, you breathe and sleep more deeply, you rarely get sick, and most of the time you enjoy the subtle feeling of ease that is health.

4. Think More Clearly
A balanced, Five Element diet sharpens the thought process and brings back mental acuity: foggy thinking becomes clearer and a wandering mind more focused.

5. Generally Feel Better
Your body needs the five tastes of food anytime you eat, and if you haven’t given it all five tastes it’s going to send out an alert: “Something’s missing.” When your meal is balanced with all five tastes, you feel emotionally and physically satisfied after eating.

The Path to Healthy Eating ...
So take the path of Healthy Eating and let it lead you to better health and well-being. It’s easy. Just take the advice of the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu who said: The Journey of 10,000 miles begins with the first step … take that step now …

Enroll Now for Healthy Eating: The Five Element Way

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