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Health Tips for Spring—Staying Healthy: The Oriental Medicine Way

We live busy lives these days, and rely on our health to carry us along. But too often we spend more time balancing our check books than we do balancing the energy that is our health.

Here are some tips for increasing the balance in your ‘Chi account’ so you have enough energy to spend ... and Stay Healthy ... The Oriental Medicine Way ...

  • As the dark, cold days of Winter wane, the Water energy of Winter transitions into the Wood energy of Spring.
  • As Nature’s energies shift from Winter to Spring, important changes are happening outside—and inside of you—that affect your health.
  • Early Spring is the time to start rebuilding the strength of your Kidneys—which are somewhat depleted from their Winter work.
  • The Wood energy of Spring: A time when the health and vitality of your Liver and Gallbladder will become the focus of your body’s attention.
  • Spring is the time to pay attention to your digestive system; its overall health and the vitality of its individual organs.
  • ‘Wood’ is the green energy of Spring: Powerful & fresh & forcing ... growing to its fullest extent ... until it fades into Summer …
  • ... In the Spring garden / as in Life / the fresh tenderness of green emerges / grows to its limit / then continues …
  • Spring energy is expansive / if my Liver is balanced ... my creativity flows / if not ... frustration and irritability may block my way …
  • At the outset of Spring, Chi (life-force or energy) has a “springy” quality to it—outside and inside of you.
  • If you’re feeling “jittery” (which is common in Spring), acupuncture/acupressure and Chinese medicinal herbs can provide relief.
  • “Lifestyle choices” during Spring that do not balance the Liver energy may leave you feeling more tired and stressed than usual …
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