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Get Ready for Spring and Surging Liver Energy

Spring is the time of forcing out new growth. This forcing power is what Oriental Medicine call ‘Liver’ energy, so it’s no surprise that the organ most affected in Spring is the Liver.

While Spring is a wonderfully energetic and creative time – following a long, dark Winter – it can also be very intense on your nerves and emotions.

This life-generating intensity of Spring fosters highly creative and expansive feelings—if your body is balanced enough to channel the energy of the season.

Snow melts,
And the village is overflowing—
with children.

— Issa

Be Ready To Grow
Visualize a strong, healthy tree. The existence of that tree depends on the health of its roots. Its roots provide the nourishment and balance needed to support its foliage and fruit.

In a similar way a strong, healthy Liver is a primary force affecting your health in Spring because it provides the energy needed to root, balance, and channel the energy in your body that bursts forth in Spring.

Imagine too how the forcing of Spring pushes out leaves from Winter’s barren branches. This same energy is coursing in your body through the channels, nerves and tendons.

To the extent your body is ‘balanced’ Spring is an exhilarating, creative time; to the extent it’s not …

Pay Attention To How You Feel
One sure sign that your Liver needs balancing or replenishing is if you experience the most common Liver-related discomfort in Spring — often described as: jagged, jittery, jumpy, tight, knotted, wiry, or fried nerves.

Spring Health Tip
During this time of seasonal transition, remain mindful of cold, making sure you don’t get too chilled. Your body is still vulnerable from the Winter and you don’t want to make it easy for a cold or flu to take hold.

Help Is Here
If you find yourself feeling jagged, jittery, jumpy, tight, knotted, wiry, or fried — or recognize it because of the effects it’s having on your emotions and relationships with others — there’s a reason for it: Spring is that time of year.

If you want relief, Oriental Medicine — acupuncture, Chinese medical herbs, diet & nutrition, and Chi Kung — can provide it.

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