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Get Ready for a Healthy Fire Season

It’s June, the third month of Spring; the time when, according to 5 Element Theory, the energy (Chi) outside (and inside) begins to shift from ‘Wood’ to ‘Fire.’

So what’s different? The temperatures are rising, and the air is getting dryer: conditions that support fire — outside and in. From an Oriental Medicine point of view, this metaphorical thinking points out that to stay healthy through the summer months, your organs —  primarily Heart and Kidneys — need to be strong and balanced so that they’re able to deal with the volatility that comes with high, dry temperatures.

Heart is the organ associated with Fire, and Kidneys with Water. The Heart is most affected during summer, and consequently the Kidneys have to work hard to keep things cooled down, given that Water regulates Fire.

Back to the Center
The first few weeks of June are also a good time to pay attention to your digestion. As each season gets close to becoming the next, a re-centering takes place. During this transition time —about three weeks prior to the equinox or solstice — the energy ‘grounds’ itself, before moving into the next seasonal phase. This coming ‘back to center,’ or ‘rooting,’ is an attribute of the Earth element, which affects the Stomach and overall digestive processes. Then after the summer equinox, you’ll find that your body and mind are more affected by the Fire energy.

Catching Fire
Here are some health issues to be conscious of during the summer Fire season:

  • Spikes in blood pressure or heart irregularity. (Heart is the Fire organ.)
  • Insomnia. (This may be an indicator of Heart imbalance.)
  • Feeling anxious or fearful. (Stemming from weak Kidneys.)
  • Headache, heartburn, and upper body heat. (Due to “heat rising” in the body.)
  • Containing Fire
    Clearly, fire is a good and necessary thing. It is a foundational element of life. But, we all know the damaging effects that fire causes when it’s out of control. Oriental medicine offers a very effective way to balance the Fire power in your body, while simultaneously strengthening the energy of the organ that regulates it. The result: a healthy, balanced body and mind, “firing on all pistons.”

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