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Gator In The Garage

Some people we know in Florida had quite the fright the other day. The husband walked in and out of his garage several times that morning as normal, then his wife got in and started the car to run some errands, and when she backed up, there was a big ‘speed bump’ beneath the car which turned out to be 7’ 2” long alligator!

No one got hurt, including the gator, who reportedly “wasn’t even phased” by getting run over: (we suspect Ms. Gator was probably a bit miffed though.)

Allie The Gator
‘Allie’ the Gator

We all run into ‘things’ we don’t expect, and some of them can be quite frightening. Those of you who refer to the 5 Element Chart now and then know that fear and anxiety weaken the Kidneys. And even though most of us won’t get unexpectedly startled by an alligator, there are plenty of other fears to contend with.

So after dealing with whatever it is that scares the ^%$* out of you, to get back to normal: take some time to breath slowly and deeply; take a nap and rest, and give your kidneys a gentle massage - just to let them know you care.

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