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Fire Energy of Summer: Arriving Early This Year

smoldering fire

It’s early May and Summer’s ‘Fire’ energy is starting to come in already. SUMMER FIRE: At BIOM we’re already seeing and treating an array of Summer-related discomforts stemming from Heart/Kidney imbalances

The likelihood of experiencing health problems in Summer is relatively low if your Heart and Kidney energies are balanced.

Are you aware of how the seasonal energy is affecting your health?

People are starting to complain about heat-related symptoms … so it’s pretty clear the ‘Fire’ energy of Summer is starting to come in early. At BIOM, we’re already seeing more Heart/Kidney imbalances — ranging from panic attacks to discomforts like edema (puffiness or swelling) in the feet and ankles — and it’s so early to be seeing things like that. And what makes it all the more noticeable is that these symptoms are happening in people who are not prone to these conditions in other seasons of the year.

Heat-related discomforts in Mid-spring indicate the need to observe your health & begin the process of adapting to climate change.

To us this is an indicator that the Fire energy of Summer is continuing the trend of increasing intensity. And what it should indicate to you is that now is the time to prepare your body so it can minimize, or avoid, the health problems that arise in Summer — a time when the ‘Fire’ energy is pulling hard on your body’s Heart and Kidney energy.

What do you mean when you say Summer energy is increasing in intensity?

Energetically, all of the seasons and their specific types of energy — Fire in Summer, Earth in Late Summer, Metal in Autumn, Water in Winter, and Wood in Spring — have been more intense than normal over the past few years. The changing weather patterns we experience or read about are manifestations of the ‘seasonal energy.’

Prepare now to ward-off heat-related health problems. Summer is the time when ‘Fire’ pulls hard on your Heart & Kidney energy.

How do you measure this ‘intensity’?

The main way is by noticing how intense the symptoms are in the people I treat. For example, I’m expecting this Summer to be intense energetically — specifically regarding how the body’s Heart system is affected — because ordinarily Heart-related symptoms wouldn’t be showing up in early May, but they have been.

Normally, seasonal energy should just arrive relatively unnoticed over the 6 or so weeks leading up to Summer Solstice. Only when the season is fully upon us should the body start showing the normal symptoms of the season.

heat stroke

How do I know if I’m more likely to experience Heart- or Kidney-related issues in Summer?

Get a sense of how balanced your Heart & Kidney energies are: FEEL—physically and intuitively—what’s going on with your body.

The likelihood of experiencing health problems in Summer is relatively low if your Heart and Kidney energies are balanced. And ‘balancing’ is what Oriental Medicine does.

If you’re not getting periodic acupuncture treatments and taking Chinese medical herbs, you can get a sense of how balanced your Heart and Kidney energies are by spending some quiet time with yourself to get a feel — physically and intuitively — for what’s going on with your body. After you do that, take a look at the Five Element Chart on this page and see which aspects of ‘Fire’ and ‘Water’ energy (if any) relate to how you’re feeling.

5 Element Chart
Click for larger image

When referring to the Five Element Chart, if you sense you have a health issue, it’s essential to contact a medical doctor and/or an Oriental Medicine practitioner.

Fire energy affects everyone differently. But if you can recognize and sense the ‘Fire’ in your own body, you can begin to notice its general effect on how you feel. For some of us it’s a simple matter of blood pressure, for others it’s more complicated.

What does it mean to be ‘balanced’? How do I know when I have balanced energy?

Fire energy affects everyone differently. Recognize & sense ‘Fire’ in your body & you’ll notice how it affects your health.

When you’re walking, how can you tell if you’re BALANCED? It’s not that easy, because if you’re balanced, you don’t notice anything. It’s only when you start losing your balance do you begin to notice. It’s the same with our HEALTH.

Feeling HEALTHY is essentially being unaware of your body. It’s only when someone asks: “How are you?” and if you take a moment to actually notice, that you may find yourself smiling, and saying: “I FEEL GOOD. Thanks for asking.”

On the other hand, if you notice you’re not feeling so good, that’s your body’s way of saying something is out of balance. Oriental Medicine can help.

What does ‘balance’ look like in Summer’s ‘Fire’ energy?

The balanced side of ‘Fire’ energy is ‘Joy’ and ‘Courage.’ So if a challenging opportunity arises this Summer that asks you to try something you haven’t done before, if you feel ‘joyful’ that this opportunity has come to you and feel the ‘courage’ to take it on, that would be an example of balanced Heart/Kidney energy. On the other hand, if you feel anxious about trying something new and different, and are overly concerned about whether you’ll do well at it, that’s an example of Heart/Kidney energy in need of balance.

And although this kind of situation can obviously arise any time of the year, in the Summer — the time of the ‘Fire’ energy — it’s more likely for these emotional traits of the Heart and Kidneys to surface.

So here we are now, late-Spring, still at peak Liver energy, with “Fire” energy coming in on top of that … what’s a person to do?

Start by beginning to carve out a space in your busy schedule where you can feel some peace. Learn and practice techniques that enable you to calm your mind. Too many people today are being tortured by what’s going on in their own heads — not to mention everything that’s going on around them.

Spring is probably one of the worst times for this because, as you can see on the Five Element Chart, ‘mental activity’ is the trait associated with the Wood energy of Spring. Being more moderate in your daily life brings some relief from stress and tension, and as a result, more Calmness and Kindness … in a word: Balance.

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