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Summer Solstice Health Tips

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Summer Solstice and we’re now firmly in the embrace of Fire energy.

The Fire element is not ‘symbolic’—it’s as real as the early wildfires raging in the American West and soaring temperatures on the East Coast.

Oriental Medicine provides ‘fire insurance’ to help manage your body’s energy to keep things cool and moist so you can avoid the fiery discomforts of Summer.

The Water Dragon In Summer

Recall that 2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon. Ancient Chinese philosopher-doctors associated their calendar years with animals to indicate the type of energy to expect that year. For example the goings-on in a Tiger year would likely be a bit more wild than a Rabbit or Sheep year.

2012 is a Dragon year, and the Dragon’s intense, dynamic energy tends to make the atmosphere of your life a bit more fiery than what you experience in other years. For example, this Summer could be hotter than normal, or drier—whatever is normal: amplify it. But wait, this being the year of the ‘Water’ Dragon means that intensity will be mitigated to some extent because Water controls Fire.

The Heart of the Matter

The Heart is the focal point of Fire energy in Summer. That’s why it’s important to keep it balanced. The Kidneys also need looking after in Summer because Water controls Fire, and when the Heart is working harder, so are the Kidneys.

Summer is also the time to rebuild Liver energy; after all, it worked hard all Spring and deserves a little TLC (tender, loving care ; )

Climate’s Changing And So Are We

Have you noticed the seasonal energy starting to change to the beginning of the next season before you flip the page on your calendar? Have you noticed the soaring temperatures on the East Coast, and raging wildfires in the West; later-Summer conditions coming in late-Spring? Have you noticed people walking around on ‘warm’ Winter days in shorts, teeshirts, and sandals? These are things you didn’t see happening 40 years ago.

What was abnormal climatically 40 years ago (less-than-a-blink in evolutionary time) seems to be developing into the ‘new normal.’ This yo-yo effect of temperatures going up and down all the time is very stressful to our bodies, so we need to do what we can to adapt to these new climate conditions.

For example, although we’re at the very beginning of Summer, calendar-wise, your body may have started dealing with Heart-Kidney issues in Spring, that typically would not have occurred until mid-Summer.

Summer Heat Health Problems

So what are some heat-related health issues to be conscious of during the Summer Fire season?

  • Spikes in blood pressure or heart irregularity.
  • Insomnia. This may be an indicator of Heart imbalance.
  • Feelings of anxiety and fear stemming from weakness in the Kidneys.
  • Headache, heartburn, and upper body heat associated with “heat rising” in the body.
  • Water retention.
  • Heat rashes.
  • Hives.
  • Skin redness.

How Are You?

So moving forward, it’s essential to get in touch with your body’s rhythm and how you feel so you can make the necessary adjustments to preserve your energy or ‘Chi’ — based on how you feel, not what date it is.

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