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Cultivate Kindness: Strategy For A Balanced Healthy Liver

otter showing kindness

Winter has passed, the days grow longer as the air grows warmer—as we feel a sense of relief with the arrival of Spring!

Some thank God that Spring is here! Some give thanks to Something Else, but at the root of giving Thanks there is a Gratefulness for the KINDNESS of this Renewal of Life we call—Spring!

Considering this, from a Five Element ~ Oriental Medicine point of view, it should not come as a surprise that the BALANCED emotion and inner expression of Health for Spring is KINDNESS.

A Balanced Liver is a Kind Liver

Unfortunately, too many of us do not have balanced Liver Energy, so instead of Kindness, the unbalanced qualities of Liver energy—anger, irritation, frustration—show up.

These negative emotions stemming from an unbalanced Liver appear moreso today than at other recent periods in history because we have so many toxins in our environment affecting the health of our Livers. And to the extent these negative aspects of Liver energy are present year round … they’re magnified in Spring.

Anger is the unbalanced emotion of the Liver. The balanced side of the Liver is KINDNESS.

Being Kind To Others Is Being Kind To Yourself

Obviously it’s best for us to be kind to each other instead of angry, irritated, or frustrated. Kindness creates and maintains an atmosphere to experience the simple joy of being alive. And in a not-so-obvious sense, by being kind to others, we’re also being kind to ourselves. According to the Five Element Theory of Oriental Medicine, by expressing and experiencing the feelings attached to KINDNESS you stimulate an energetic response in yourself that supports the health of your LIVER.

On the other hand, someone who is easily angered, undermines the health of their Liver, along with suffering the negative consequences that boomerang back by treating others unkindly.

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. - Lao Tzu.

Prescription For Health

Unfortunately an unbalanced Liver is more common these days because of the toxicity we’re exposed to in the products we use and the food we eat. This is why Liver-balancing herbs are a major part of the BIOM pharmacy.

But even if we lived in a pristine environment, the energetic impulses of Spring—DOING! GROWING! MOVING! GOING!—would still be taxing our Liver energy—because Liver is the organ most energized during Spring. So in the midst of all this EXCITED! energy, the Liver is prone to become imbalanced: just like your car would if you kept revving the engine and ‘burning rubber.’

By practicing KINDNESS, in effect, you’re slowing down, taking it easy, going with the flow. In essence, being moderate in how you use your energy, your Chi, is the best prescription for staying healthy these days.


Being KIND

Being kind does not mean being a doormat and letting someone experiencing ‘unkind Liver energy’ have their way with you. That is not kindness, that is allowing yourself to absorb someone else’s stress, which can cause emotional and/or physical illness in you

KINDNESS creates its own kind of BALANCE. You don’t sacrifice yourself to be kind to other people. Cultivate kindness and give it … to yourself and then others. Everyone benefits.

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