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Controlling Your Liver Energy


Your health in Spring is determined by the health of your Liver and the energy it provides. When your Liver energy is balanced in Spring you feel uplifted, with a sense of inner ‘softness and kindness’; when the Liver is out-of-balance, a ‘revved-up and restless’ feeling — inside and out — is common.

Health is like money: save and invest properly and you’ll have what you need.

Liver energy begins to be felt around late-January/early-February. By April it’s in full bore. Then, as Summer energy gradually begins to approach around mid-May, the momentum of Liver energy begins to wane.

In mid-April, Liver energy is at its pinnacle, and if you’ve been plugged-in, full-time to this Spring energy socket you may be feeling a bit worn down by then.


A Rush of Energy
Spring energy is like an adrenaline rush, especially coming off of the low energy level of Winter. When that burst of energy comes, we’re off and running — and tend not to stop until pooping-out.

The seasonal energy starts to change about six weeks before the solstice or equinox. Oriental Medicine provides the tune-up your body needs to be ready.

If you’re experiencing fatigue at the end of Winter, and then overindulge in the exhilarating  energy that is Spring, you may feel exhausted when Summer flows along. Be conscious. 

Liver Supports the Heart

While it’s wonderful to get as much as you can out of Spring, it’s wise to remember that in Summer — the season of the Fire energy — the Heart is the organ that determines your health. Based on the Oriental Medicine Cycle of Generation, the Heart (Fire) gets its energy from the Liver (Wood). 


IMPORTANT: If you’ve exhaust your Liver energy in Spring, your Heart won’t be ready to experience the ‘joy’ of Summer.

So when you find yourself all ‘revved-up’ in Spring energy—doing more than the knowing part of yourself wants to be doing—pay more attention to that knowing.  

When you hit your wall, back off instead of powering through it.

You’ll be surprised: the important things still get done, while you feel better in your body.

So ... Spring-forward! ~ calmly : )

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